The 9 Most Annoying Types Of People On Facebook

January 1, 2010 | 23 Comments » | Topics: Comic, Internet

Here are 9 of the most annoying types of people you will find on Facebook. Although it is not listed, I’m thinking I would fit into the stalker category.

how to suck at facebook

how to suck at facebook

how to suck at facebook

how to suck at facebook

how to suck at facebook

how to suck at facebook

how to suck at facebook

how to suck at facebook

how to suck at facebook

how to suck at facebook

via The Oatmeal

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  • arnold schwertman

    Yeah that a pain in the butt all right

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  • Seancoolie

    Spamming for a spammer. now thats great

  • Anon

    This is why I don’t use Facebook

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  • Nouman

    yup really dnt like useless invitations & lamest tags

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  • Matt

    Found a similar post here

  • Mary

    Yeah way to take credit for something you didn’t do
    this was made at

    • Nicola

      erm it says “by the oatmeal” right at the top just under the title, which is pretty much the best reference you could ever do. It even has the website url, to the right under the title graphic. So not exactly taking credit…. at all, in any way shape or form. Obviously he has reposted it, in order to show his own readers something he thought was cool, but that is entirely within his rights to do so. So I don’t really know what your problem is.

  • Darcy

    What about some annoying celebrity facebook spam?? hehe

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  • Becky

    You forgot the “Always Happy” Facebook user. All their status updates are about how damn happy they are with every single thing in their lives.

    • Daisy Lady

      can’t you be happy that there is a happy person in the world? or maybe they fake their happiness hoping someone will feel a bit happy on their own with a little encouragement? you can’t really be upset cuz someone is happy al the time. they could be miserable all the time. would that be better? hope not.

  • james

    what about the one with the annoying chick that always says she looks ugly in photos, only for people to say the opposite so she has reassurance that people think shes prety

  • Rod

    #10 should be the people who tastelessly write R.I.P. as their status update

  • BronzeCrimson

    “The Philosopher” – not that its not cool. One friend posts incredibly deep and thought provoking status messages. This can also be the “Only friend you actually have” or “If this was your only friend- you would still be cool”.

    • BronzeCrimson

      Did I mention this is the only thing they ever post?

  • Petunia Bentley

    hahahaha funny illustrations…here’s more types of ppl on fb aswell

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