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How To Spot The Gay Guy On Facebook

January 15, 2010 | 16 Comments » | Topics: Internet

Got a friend who’s sexual preference you’re still unsure of? No worries, just look around at some mutual friend’s hot pictures and look for gems like this one. It’ll tell you what’s really going on.

how to spot the gay guy on facebook

via Top Cultured

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  • idk

    hes the only one who gets her to react and get her attention..
    he knows that thats why he types it.

  • War

    Ned Hardy – This article is why you are an imbecile.

  • Body Shave

    Hahjahahaha LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • Jacob Calles

    it’s sad, but I’d say the same thing… It’s for a couple reasons. To put her back in her spot aaand to be different.. I’m not a mo but everyone else is putting the same boring thing. Gotta have fun with it.

  • Anot

    Only one picture? You people suck xd

  • Sufian

    LOL poor guy.

  • lets go world war III lets go

    What’s so wrong with brown sandals and a blue bikini?

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  • Greg

    It’s quite easy to spot the gay people on Facebook; EVERYONE, if they actually had lives and could pull a bird, they’d be out nailing her like Jesus to the cross rather than updating their status on what they had for breakfast as if it’s so important, it wasn’t small enough for the national news.

    • Kevin

      Greg is a fucktard

    • JaCodi Akers

      … It looks like Greg is one of those that couldn’t get more than 10 friend requests if he tried so instead they hate on social networks as if only “losers” get on them…

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