10 Awesome Cat FAILS

February 7, 2010 | 20 Comments » | Topics: compilation, Fail, Funny Pictures

This post goes out to all the cat lovers out there, which happens to be 90% of the damn internet…

cat fail

cat fail

cat fail

cat fail

cat fail

cat fail

cat fail

cat fail

cat fail

cat fail

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  • http://layne.lyts.me Gina

    haha this made my morning :P

  • Phil

    Some of these are funny, others not so. #4 I’ve seen a few times, but I don’t get it. Someone threw a slice of cheese at their cat’s head, that’s not very funny; I’m not whining and saying it’s cruel or anything, it’s just not that funny.

    #9 isn’t funny in the slightest. You can clearly see that it’s not stuck on the cat’s head, someone out of shot is holding it there. I put my baseball cap on my cat’s head every now and then, the result is more or less the same, I just don’t post pictures of it on the net.

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  • W

    You mean, 100%

  • Wayne

    I am a cat lover, and I have got to say that a couple of these I consider priceless. The lion tamer comment is great, it had my sides hurting! Someone out there in cyberspace has a real knack for captioning photos. Good stuff here.

  • Shadow

    #8 would have been funny if they hadn’t written the caption in that stupid fail-English.

  • dr. cassie van nos

    I love the cats a mouth full of cats……?!
    diet cats? or regular calorie cats…..

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  • Monshoki

    no.1 looks really funny, until I learned that it is Photoshopped. Look closely at the edge of the table and the big cat’s body; they don’t match/in the same line. The color scheme’s also don’t match; while the kitten and the man is reddish, the cat-n-dog is rather balanced and looks like taken with light direction from their front.

  • http://www.botoycams21.com Natalie
  • Lauren

    Awww…poor kitties

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OogVVrMXOl8 Bbk
  • stephanie

    cool drawings and arts

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  • http://www.kickmyapps.com/ Endang Sri Rejeki

    Cats has 9 lives!

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