How Canadians Drink Milk

March 2, 2010 | 13 Comments » | Topics: Culture

how canadians drink milkYet another reason why I’m proud to be an American. Drinking milk from a carton > Drinking milk from a bag.

See The How Canadians Drink Milk Video Here

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  • Lorna

    To be fair, not all Canadians have bagged milk….Alberta, for example, has jugs and cartons like normal people

  • Ruttiger Simpson

    Lol – you’re proud to be an American because your milk is in a carton – you’re really stretching just to throw that out there ain’t ya. Ontario has bags, cartons and jugs btw – so basically we got what you got + the option to go greener if we choose. You’re just a little behind the times but you’ll catch up eventually.

  • Marc

    Silly Americans. That’s not how we DRINK milk, that’s how it’s contained.

  • Frank

    He’s proud of not helping the environment… If it’s in a f*cking bag or in f*cking cartons, it doesn’t change anything, it’s milk. Sorry for my bad english, I’m french canadian :D

  • mike

    damm we got those when i was in 5th grade around 2000, it was low key cool but they didnt last

  • Canadian Chick

    We have cartons and jugs too, you ignorant prick

  • Webgrunt

    @Ruttiger Simpson:
    “You’re just a little behind the times but you’ll catch up eventually.”

    You mean like we did with the metric system? Oh, wait…

  • yo mama

    The metric system? Is that your idea of being superior to the U.S.? What a deuchebag! That’s probably how you got the idea of putting milk in a bag! How’s that Canadian army working out for ya’? Still throwing toasters at your enemies? f’n rubes!

  • Webgrunt

    Actually, yo mama, the metric system is superior to our system, and the US is 30 years behind the rest of the world by not switching to it. You must be of sub-par intelligence, because any ordinary idiot can see it. Also, you failed to notice that I said “we” instead of “you”, which makes obvious that I’m an American, not a Canadian. Plus, you can’t spell douchebag, which makes your post as pathetic as it is funny. We’re laughing at you, not with you.

    Canada spends their money on making their country a better place to live rather than pissing their money away on useless wars like the USA. That’s why Canada has a substantially higher standard of living than the USA. Their cities are cleaner, their crime is lower, they have a higher level of home ownership, easier access to education, etc. They rank 4th on the Human Development Index and the USA ranks 13th.

    I am an American and I love America, but I’m not so stupid I can’t see that this country has some serious problems that are holding us back. Part of the cause is that too many idiots live here. You, for example.

  • o,O

    Complete Bull we drink from the same god damn cartons we always have

  • YAY

    Carton or bag – same shiet. It’s milk in a plastic.

    “Gable top cartons are often used for liquid products such as milk, juice, etc. These used polyethylene-coated paperboard and sometimes a foil laminate.”

  • RKG

    This is milk, from an other mammal… when you think about it, it’s gross either way, carton or plastic bag.

  • ram

    Ummmm, Sorry to say it, but I live in Canada and I have NEVER, EVER seen milk in a bag.

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