How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

March 5, 2010 | 19 Comments » | Topics: Funny Pictures

In the event that mindless zombies do take over the world, here is a handy little guide to help you manage such an apocalyptic scenario.

zombie survival guide

zombie survival guide

via Marcus Blog

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  • Marcus


  • Sarah


  • http://(none) bradley

    i think 2012 is when it comes im glad i have a education in carpentering and a top hunter (carpentering as in barricading and stuff with using plywood) and i have a 44 caliber ^^

    • Smewes


  • Don

    Please exclude the alarm system because that would suck. Sure you know that a zombie is coming in but it would also would let all other zombies in the area that you are there too. xD

  • jenny

    i think you should tie fish wire (the clear kind) to the doors then tie it to a soda bottle that’s near you and if it falls then you have a zombie(note:have the soda bottle full)

  • Kira

    cool thx for the guide it may be useful in the time comes :D

  • Trancy

    I’m in luck, while most people will be running in screaming because of zombies I will be calling my friends dad cause he is a zombologist. One thing this page didn’t mention is a zombie apocolypse won’t last forever, It will last for 5 years in one country TOPS.

  • Trancy

    sorry the first in is supposed to be and

  • Rachelle Mapa

    miami attack 2012. zombie apocalypse. thanks for the guide lock and load

  • Jimmy

    Another thing is with evacuating…what the fuck do you think everyone else will be doing? EVACUATING. I’m definitely not saying stay put, but do NOT just think you and the family are just gonna hop in the car and drive the fuck away from there.

    Find an alternate route…definitely avoiding highways…

  • helen

    lol doing a speech on this

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