10 Reasons Why Dogs Are Awesome

May 28, 2010 | 14 Comments » | Topics: Animals, Best Of, dog, List

I know the internet will hate me for this but I wanted to balance out the internet universe and their partiality to cats and so here is a list of the many reasons why dogs rock!

1. They Are Grateful

2. They Dance Better Than Most Of Us

3. They Know How To Get Down And Dirty

4. They Have Infectious Smiles

5. Skateboarding Is Second Nature To Them

6. They Are Affectionate

7. They Are Good Nannies

8. They Love To Party

epic dog birthday

9. They Are Great Musicians

10. No Hang-Ups About Saying “I Love You”

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  • jumbokr√§fta

    Oh the stupidity! (and i don’t mean the dogs)

  • sonia azucena

    felicitaciones a cada uno de los que tomo el video son increiblemente hermosisimos, no hay palaras

  • chloe

    I love dogs!!8-D

  • redfed2

    we need more reasons why it’s a good thing to get a dog

  • redfed2

    what does palaras mean? I checked on google translate it didn’t tell me

  • redfed2

    sonia azucena said palaras.

  • http://www.quipidity.com/ Claire

    LOL Love this post and I can up with a hundred more reasons ….. I LOVE my dog!

  • Will

    Dogs are amazin. Loyal, optimistic, intelligent, they love to party, can play all kinds of games with you. Whats not to love?!

  • Dezmon

    Dogs are awesome. They are more lovable than cats because they are fun to play with and they will always love you for it.

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