The 31 Best(Worst) Parenting FAILS Of All Time

October 7, 2010 | 83 Comments » | Topics: Best Of, compilation, Fail

best of parenting fails

best of parenting fails

best of parenting fails

best of parenting fails

best of parenting fails

best of parenting fails

best of parenting fails

best of parenting fails

best of parenting fails

best of parenting fails

best of parenting fails

best of parenting fails

best of parenting fails

best of parenting fails

best of parenting fails

best of parenting fails

best of parenting fails

best of parenting fails

best of parenting fails

best of parenting fails

best of parenting fails

best of parenting fails

best of parenting fails

best of parenting fails

best of parenting fails

best of parenting fails

best of parenting fails

best of parenting fails

best of parenting fails

best of parenting fails

best of parenting fails

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  • Trisi

    Wow! Funny at first but pretty sad when you think about it. Remember Michael Jackson? That would fit in above too.

    • Jermaine Jackson

      “Remember Michael Jackson?”

      No, we don’t remember Michael Jackson. The name has no meaning to us. Please enlighten us as to who this Michael Jackson is of which you speak, and why we should have any memory of the individual.

      • Langenhagen

        jfyi: Michael Jackson is a welter weight boxer living in the Bronx.

    • Virginia

      Michael was proud of his children, and had no intention of hurting anyone. He had a golden heart and only meant well for everyone.

  • ms.knowitall

    They r all terrible except 3 girls with guns[toys]. U wouldn’t think anything of it if it 3 boys!

    • Anonymous

      Hey I would, if those are real guns. I’d teach my kids in a safe place, all full regulations, at a range, no walking around with them casual in the house, that’s how people get accidentallied in the face.

      Was thinking first “LOLIES!! :D” then “LOLIES WIT GUNS ! O_O”
      then “Yeah…we’re not fuckin wit dese lolis…>_<"

      • Nakata

        u wanna see Lolies with guns u shud watch the anime Gunslinger Girl!

    • Marisol

      U are really an asshole I bet you are even worst than them all

  • KelliKat

    this list should have juggalo mom on it

  • KIF

    It must be embarrassing when articles like this are the most popular on sites like this.

  • LN Mitchell

    Nothing at all wrong with the girls and guns’ I have pics of my kids and grandkids doing the same.

  • yeah right

    That one with the kid and the beer can may not actually be much of a problem. When I was growing up (I was born in ’74), it wasn’t too unusual for country folks to give their kids the dregs of a beer can just so the kid could feel grownup because they were being like Daddy. And I mean barely anything in the can, less than a quarter-inch deep. That’s not enough to get a Mormon drunk, much less a one-year-old.

    It wasn’t unusual for alcoholic beverages to be used in home remedies, either. My little girl’s dad remembers a time he humiliated the hell out of his mom. She used to use peppermint schnapps for his teething pain, she’d just rub it on his gums. Well, he had teething pain one day when company was over, and toddled out into the living room holding the remedy. Good thing that was almost forty years ago. He’d have grown up in foster care.

  • Ach

    Uhm…is that kid alive, with the dart in her head!? What the fuck.

    • Joshua Roey

      That one was most likely just a tragic accident. :'(

      • Alice

        Lmao, it was a movie, it’s Cole Sprouse :L

  • Joshua Roey

    That girl that was holding the Hitler doll just looked evil! O_o

  • Joshua Roey

    That girl that was holding the Hitler doll just looked evil! O_o

    • Joshua Roey

      Ooopss! Double post! Sorry.

  • Anon

    When did our country get so pussified? I learned to shoot when I was five years old. Because this will undoubtedly be met with cries of “hick”, I am a 4.0 law student without so much as a speeding ticket and a lawful concealed carry permit. We do not know the background of that picture. For all we know, all guns are safety-on and unloaded.

    Exposing your kids to alcohol, drugs, and sex very young? Obviously wrong. But exposing them to their basic second amendment rights is no worse than teaching them to read or express their opinions.

    • dendiene

      Americans are pussies because they are sooo scared without a gun.

      • Anon

        Yes, because wanting to exercise a right makes one afraid. Why own weapons, simply because a huge number of governments in world history have turned on their own people once their people were disarmed? Why own guns, just because Hitler disarmed his people, then slaughtered them by the millions. Why use the freedom of speech, unless you’re just annoying and have to share your opinion? Why enjoy the freedom to worship unless you just HAVE to share your views on the afterlife? Why protect the right to vote, when your single vote barely matters.

        You are a damned fool.

        • Djidja

          Hahahahahhaha u sound like a redneck philosopher :)

        • oden

          A gun doesn’t make a difference against a government, u have a gun the government have air force and tanks. who do you think win?

          If you have such a low belief in your own country and government, why do you live there if you think it can turn against you? I don’t wont to live in a country where Hitler 2.0 could take over as you reefer to.

          I don’t understand how anyone can defend automatic guns to the people after all school massacre it has been in US, how many does it need to change you opinion?

          • Mike P

            You do realize that almost all of those shootings are done with illegal guns?

          • j22

            Actually, original intent was to have the same guns as the military. Although they have advanced over the years, the government now says, “These are the guns that you are allowed to own. And we wont infringe on that right with the exception of these few hundred regulations.”

          • j22

            Oden, you are so hopelessly brainwashed. Don’t you know that human nature is inherintly evil, as is the nature of any government? When you were a kid were you not taught to: not hit, not steal, not lie. If we were good from the start we would not have to LEARN to be good.

            “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government”
            Thomas Jeff

          • Chico

            From the perspective of Dzogchen, the ultimate nature of all sentient beings is said to be pure, all-encompassing, primordial awareness or naturally occurring timeless awareness. This “intrinsic awareness” has no form of its own and yet is capable of perceiving, experiencing, reflecting, or expressing all form. It does so without being affected by those forms in any ultimate, permanent way.

            The analogy given by Dzogchen masters is that one’s nature is like a mirror which reflects with complete openness but is not affected by the reflections, or like a crystal ball that takes on the colour of the material on which it is placed without itself being changed.

        • sheila

          when Hitler outlawed guns, did the outlaws still have guns?

      • Susan

        True, true.

      • IRON DEITY

        Guess that’s why we rule the world huh bitch boy?

      • T Chandler

        I don’t have a gun you twat bring it on all you pansies are all talk you must be from france……..DICK

      • janine


    • Alex

      Wow what a redneck! Where you from? ;) south? Haha. That’s is terrible.

      • Jess

        Not all in the South are morons like the ones in this thread. I was brought up in a liberal family (yep, we exist in the South) and I am against guns in the home.


    i completely agree with ^ANON… i shot off a shotgun when i was 3 with help from my dad… and why? because he was teaching me gun safety and he was showing me what damage it could do (we shot at cans) and im not a “hick”….

    • j22

      Same story here. Although, you are a hick if you own a gun. C’mon, don’t you know European thinking has taken over the world?

  • Bob Bobson

    Assuming that none are fakes, I’m sure that several were taken out of context:

      * I doubt that the kid drank the whole can of beer, the dad just gave him a sip like many parents have.
      * The girl misspelled Santa and the mom thought it was funny and wanted to take a picture.
      * The lion is fully fed and partly sedated.
      * That is not a bad on the kid’s head, it is a mosquito net (available at the dollar-store)—you can clearly see the ring at the bottom.
      * The blender is not plugged in.
      * The tramp-stamp was done in pen (not too much better).

    The rest are hard to defend or explain; they and their children should be sterilized to prevent passing on their stupid-genes.

  • rebekah

    this disgusts me. is this who we want taking care of us when we’re old? children are innocent, and precious. they’re gifts from God and should be treated as such. parents like this disgust me. i became a mom at 18, and i wouldn’t even THINK of doing ANY of these things. some parents are just pathetic.

    • TJ

      Sorry, but you lost me at “i [sic] became a mom at 18.”

  • Whozat

    I’m going to give the new mom in the last photo the benefit of the doubt and assume she’s texting a birth announcement and photo to her friends/family/facebook. Isn’t that how all births are announced these days?

    Some of those others? Yikes.

  • Steph

    except for the ‘satan’ one (obviously the little girl cant yet spell)….I have little to say for the rest of them…… except WTF!!!!…WHERE’S CHILD PROTECTION SERVICES!!!!

  • Candide43130

    What is the boy holding in the top picture?
    A Klaus Barbie doll?

  • jen

    OMG !!!! These people can’t be serious…the guy sold kid for cash, beer, and MEAT. Some pics are funny. Some are just disturbing.

  • greedo

    Holy crap…..holy crap…….holy crap………I am SPEECHLESS……………………..holy crap

  • Jeeves

    Another reason why some people shouldn’t have kids. People are pretty retarded. Just another reason why Social services should up the ante. It is way too easy for these dumbasses to have kids.

  • Jeeves

    I also want to know where that kid got the hitler action figure? I never knew any of that existed. I want one mainly just for kicks and giggles.

  • Jeeves

    How is the “I love satan” one bad? Christian idiots need to stop posting on this site. Anyways that “I love satan” one wasn’t bad. Take it down.

    • j22

      Why should it be taken down? It’s funny… And wtf is with the Christian hate? with the exception of a few anti gay rallies, most just put up with being hate on ALL THE TIME. I would know.

  • Langenhagen

    So what? None is bad!
    All these kids know exactly what they are doing. They are old enough so don’t blame their parents.
    And to give children the freedom to choose their own religion is a good thing!


      You always blame the parents. It’s called bred social conditioning. Train/teach your kids common sense and stupid shit shows up a lot less in the news.

    • anon

      So The baby wearing pink stockings and made to look as though shes dancing around a pole is old enough to know what shes doing??? Realy!!! What a joke! The parents are pathetic!

  • aa

    Do all you dumb asses realize that those guns are just toys? If you have ever held a real shot gun or rifle of that size you would definitely know that a couple of 3-5 year old kids would not be capable of holding something that heavy.


    Thre isn’t really a “parent” in these pictures (nearly) that i’d pretty much punch in the face. Golden Rule: Common sense goes a long way.

  • Gmanny212

    wut the heck!!!! the dad lowers the kidinto a racoon exhibit!!! he’s like, r u hungry raccons! so eat my healthy 1 yr old boy!!!!!!! and don’t get me started with the tiger one!!!! he’s chained to a tiger! the dad/mom put him there chained and said”ummmm….. yeah. um, were gonna go now mr tiger so he’s all yours.” and runs!!!!! WTF!

  • candy

    yeah this parents are stupid…. ! i would be super suprised if they still have their children, but with today’s society.. they probably still do. people sometimes just look the other way, some take pictures and just say “omg, look wat i saw today and didn’t do anything about it!”

  • Hatchets Up!

    HAHaHA!! Some r just a good chuckle, others the gene pool needs a little chlorine!

  • SnakPak

    @Anon, assuming you live in the United States, you live South of a country much bigger than yours and it is one of the safest places in the World to live. Japan, China, Poland, Spain, I could go on, have no gun laws like the US does.
    Your statement personifies your ignorance.
    That said, this was hilarious, granted not all the pics are real, but funny nonetheless. The dad on the subway & the dad dangling his kid o feed the raccoons – total parent fail.

  • n0tn0n

    Американцы такие американцы.

  • Evil1

    Funny pictures, makes you also feel sad about society, but seriously… The one with the dead(?) girl who got a dart stuck in her head is just f***ed up (IMO). I’m not complaining, but I guess I kinda got a bit sick and creeped out. I’m not sure it’s a good idea to post that one around. I really hope that her expressionless face tricked me and that she’s really alive and well and that my comment was worthless in that case.

    • lauren

      I’m pretty sure that one was from a movie. First of all it’s a boy, and second of all it looks like it’s Dylan/Cole Sprouse (child actors). With the exception of the satan/santa one, the last one (I assume she was just announcing the birth), and the yahoo questions/bon jovi tickets (trolls), the rest of these are absolutely horrifying! Where the hell is CPS???

  • najiramlee

    this is sad… :(

  • Georgia

    I see a lot of people here being all gung ho abut getting so-called Child Protective Services involved…obviously you haven’t a clue as to how shitty that system is. Speaking from personal experience it’s horrible. The majority of the people deemed “fit” by said authorities are often as bad or worse than the parents children are taken from. Many children are severely abused and sexually assaulted on a regular basis by these “fine upstanding citizens”, who for the most part don’t give a fuck about the kid, but just love the money they get from the state for the kid. Who do these kids have to turn to that will listen? Most of the time no one and many run away and live on the streets because it’s better than the hell they’ve been forced to live in by an uncaring system who treat them as if they were trash. If they are lucky, they survive and eventually get some semblance of a life….many never make it to adulthood…either dying from the abuse or dying while living on the streets. Yeah, there’s your “child protective services”…another government institution that needs to be axed right along with the IRS.

  • Jess

    I am amazed that NOBODY mentioned the pics of the little girl with the fake boobs on, the baby dressed as a stripper, or the little girls watching erotic dancers/a guy get a lap dance. Don’t you see how twisted it is to expose a child to that kind of thing that early in their life? It can really mess you up.

    I am not a prude, I don’t think they should ever be taught the nude body is dirty. But being exposed to this kind of thing just isn’t healthy.

  • kenal

    I can’t believe all of these are real.SMH. This is ashame.

  • kawikaan

    poor children.

  • Shaanhah

    alot of those were pretty bad but I didn’t get why the fake tattoo was a problem. her mom most likely has one in the same spot. I have a tattoo on my shoulder and my four year old puts fake ones in the same place all the time. as to the guns they didn’t look real. but really its a free country and they were not little children.

    • Shaanhah

      side not WTF with stripper baby thats worse than the tattoo.

  • LoveNotWar

    I <3 Michael Jackson

  • Larry Wright

    I scrolled all the way to the bottom of the comments, to find the one where someone pointed out that the doll is not Hitler, but a Harry Potter character, Barty Crouch Sr., which explains why the other picture shows a Harry Potter doll alongside the first, but lo and behold, nobody had. Must not be a lot of Harry Potter fans here.

  • Tomca387

    the satan one should obviousl read santa if you look at the picture she drew ….

    • Derpitydew

      …congratulations, that comment proves your not 100% mentally retarded.

      • Itsfake

        your… you’re…

  • mc

    is that tattoo on that little girl real?

    • Tom

      I’m sure it’s just a temporary. I don’t think it’s legal to tattoo someone so young.

  • melbourne escorts

    This is why parents should have licence to have children.

  • Fuckyou

    The Satan one isn’t a parenting fail, I don’t think. I mean, it’s just a kid fail, and someone thought it was cute. So the only real parenting fail would be posting it online.

  • Greentigereye85

    all these parents, grandparents should have them taken away

    • Know it all

      maybe they’re as bad as the parents

  • Greentigereye85

    these parents should have there kids taken away and not given to there grandparents cause apparently there not much better

  • Crystal Tacy

    son of b*** they all deserve freaking shot in the now u see why theworlds kids r like they r….

    • Really?

      *Sons *… *a freaking *head *, *and *you *the world’s *are *are.

      And why they’re dumb asses apparently.

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  • Bubbs

    Where does one even buy baby fishnets????

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