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Knowing The Difference Between The United Kingdom, Great Britain And England Might Come In Handy One Of These Days

February 1, 2011 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Educational

united kingdom vs england vs great britanI’m pretty sure everyone has encountered that moment in a conversation when they were conflicted on whether or not to use Great Britain, United Kingdom, Or Britan when referring to that generally vague area of the world. This video clears up any vagueness and gives you confidence when referring to our European neighbor.


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  • Claudia Y.

    I was about to say that calling them ‘European neighbors’ would be rather insulting to the British, but the video does mention it. You really don’t want to call them Europeans, not on behalf of the continental Europeans but because the British themselves reject the idea of being part of Europe (which they consider a synonym of ‘Continental’ Europe).

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