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myers briggs

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment is a psychometric questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions. Here are the 16 types of personality combination available.

ISTJ —“ The Duty Fulfiller or Detective
Characteristics: Quiet, cautious, meticulous, responsible, strong and silent type
Good occupations: Administrators, inspectors, researchers
Acronym: I Save Things Judiciously
Half empty or half full? “It’s half empty now and it wouldn’t surprise me if it dried up completely.”
Motto: “I do everything right”

ESTJ —“ The Guardian or Overseer
Characteristics: Friendly, realistic, analytical, organized, very driven and enthusiastic
Good occupations: Executives, analysts, managers
Acronym: Execution Saves The Job
Half empty or half full? “Hey! Whose job was it to fill up this glass?”
Motto: “I am in control”

ISFJ —“ The Nurturer or Defender
Characteristics: Cautious, hard-working, thoughtful, careful, very dedicated to causes and relationships
Good occupations: Health care technicians, accountants, customer service representatives
Acronym: I Serve Family Joyfully
Half empty or half full? “I bet my friend would like to have some water right now—¦”
Motto: “Nobody can get along without me”

ESFJ —“ The Caregiver or Loyalist
Characteristics: Talkative, practical, empathetic, decisve, very harmonious
Good occupations: Counselors, coaches, nurses
Acronym: Extra Special Friendly Joiner
Half empty or half full? “I can’t believe someone would leave this dirty glass out here! Clean up this mess right now!”
Motto: “Everyone likes me and wants to be like me”

ISTP —“ The Mechanic or Artisan
Characteristics: Independent, practical, realistic, adaptable, very skillful with tools
Good occupations: Programmers, operators, pilots
Acronym: I See The Problem
Half empty or half full? “So? It’s water. Big deal!”
Motto: “I can make anything work”

ESTP —“ The Doer or Promoter
Characteristics: Gregarious, practical, observant, adaptable, very unpredictable
Good occupations: Stockbrokers, entrepreneurs, private investigators
Acronym: Everyone Seems Too Proper
Half empty or half full? “You call that a glass of water? Why, back where I come from—¦”
Motto: “I’m a stud and the world revolves around me”

ESFP —“ The Performer or Entertainer
Characteristics: Approachable, decisive, concerned, adaptable, very generous
Good occupations: Teachers, scientists, public relations specialists
Acronym: Extra Special Friendly Person
Half empty or half full? “There’s a glass of water! You know, it’s healthy to drink a lot of water! Why, I remember when I was growing up, we used to—¦”
Motto: “I am the most glamorous”

ISFP —“ The Artist or Composer
Characteristics: Modest, easy-going, caring, flexible, very artistic
Good occupations: Customer service representatives, nurses, counselors
Acronym: I Seek Fun and Pleasure
Half empty or half full? (Holds up glass of water, tilts it from side to side, wiggles finger in it, licks finger, grins slightly, moves on.)
Motto: “Nobody has better taste than I do”

ENTJ —“ The Executive or Director
Characteristics: Energetic, creative, strategic, decisive, very commandeering
Good occupations: Lawyers, marketing consultants, teachers
Acronym: Executives Need Tough Jobs
Half empty or half full? “Hey! This is a beer glass, not a water glass!”
Motto: “I am all-powerful”

INTJ —“ The Scientist or Wizard
Characteristics: Autonomous, imaginative, logical, organized, very independent
Good occupations: Engineers, planners, publishers
Acronym: It’s Not Thoroughly Justified
Half empty or half full? “Glass is made from silicon dioxide, heated to a temperature of—¦”
Motto: “I am all-knowing”

ENTP —“ The Visionary or Inventor
Characteristics: Energetic, expressive, decisive, easy-going, inventive
Good occupations: Talk show hosts, motivational speakers, marketing consultants
Acronym: Each New Thought Propels
Half empty or half full? “Voila! 0.157 litres of dihydrogen oxide, prepared by micro-gnomes.”
Motto: “I can come up with a solution for anything”

INTP —“ The Thinker or Architect
Characteristics: Reserved, creative, intellectual, adaptable, very logical
Good occupations: Mediators, musicians, strategic planners
Acronym: It’s Not Theoretically Possible
Half empty or half full? “The glass is full—¦half water, half air!”
Motto: “I’m brilliant and you should bow to my genius”

ENFJ —“ The Giver or Teacher
Characteristics: Outgoing, creative, empathetic, decisive, very persuasive
Good occupations: Therapists, educators, writers
Acronym: Everyone Needs Fulfillment and Joy
Half empty or half full? “There’s more than enough for friends to share.”
Motto: “I can teach anyone anything”

INFJ —“ The Protector or Mentor
Characteristics: Reserved, creative, decisive, organized, very empathetic
Good occupations: Architects, journalists, counselors
Acronym: Inner Nuances Foster Journeys
Half empty or half full? “This glass of water is a metaphor for my life.”
Motto: “I have the best intentions”

ENFP —“ The Inspirer or Motivator
Characteristics: Friendly, imaginative, empathetic, flexible, very optimistic
Good occupations: Acting, graphic design, psychology
Acronym: Every day, New Fantastic Possibilities
Half empty or half full? “Whooeeee! Water fight!”
Motto: “I have the most enthusiasm”

INFP —“ The Idealist or Actor
Characteristics: Private, creative, empathetic, flexible, very non-directive
Good occupations: Human resource associates, fashion designers, researchers
Acronym: I Never Find Perfection
Half empty or half full? “But look! A crystalline vessel, filled with shimmering, life-giving nectar!”
Motto: “I have the most sensitive conscience”

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