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10 More Seriously Funny Dear Blank Letters

June 6, 2011 | 10 Comments » | Topics: LOL, Writing

dear blank

Dear Nyquil,
You were amazing last night. Who knew you could last so long?!
Sincerely, 12 hours later…


Dear officer,
No, my speech isn’t slurred. I’m just talking in cursive.
Sincerely, not as think as you drunk I am.


Dear Edward Cullen,
You stay young forever and sneak into the rooms of young girls? How original.
Sincerely, Peter Pan.


Dear Myspace, Twilight, Pirates and Yahoo,
Ha, ha. Yeah…
Sincerely, Facebook, Harry Potter, Ninjas, and Google.


Dear Facebook,
Please add “In a Wolf Pack with” as a relationship status.
Sincerely, anonymous.


Dear Osama,
Should’ve worn stripes…
Sincerely, Waldo.


Dear world,
Contrary to popular belief, I don’t hate homosexuals.
Sincerely, God.


Dear confused teenage girls,
If your boyfriend is sparkly and he doesn’t want to have sex with you, he’s not a vampire, he’s just gay.
Sincerely, reality.


Dear Zebras,
It’s not our fault that you blend in with NOTHING.
Sincerely, predators.


Dear cold pizza,
You are my favorite breakfast, don’t tell Pop Tart.
Sincerely, hung-over.


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  • a

    Fun fact of the day: most predators are colorblind so zebras actually blend in with tall grass quite well.

  • b

    a is right

  • no not okay

    way to ruin the fun a

  • Jake

    That “in a Wolf pack with” gave me the idea to make a circle like that on Google+

  • c


    I want to plus 1 your comment and make the same circle!

  • Pookiemookie26

    Zebras blend in with a lot bro. Their patterns are the same as savannah grass.

  • Skales

    Zebras blend in with other zebras, which confuses the predators. They’re not camouflaged, they’re just cunning. ;)

  • Sadie

    Zebras are actually very hard to spot, even in sparse areas of the wilderness.

  • winks

    Dont be a smarty but, just enjoy the laugh.

  • Free India Classifieds

    some of these are plain funny

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