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I Think Every Human Being On This Planet Should Watch This

September 30, 2011 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Life

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  • Alethology

    What an utterly condescending, self serving, intellectually bankrupt video. So from earliest beginnings, mankind’s drive to reach for something greater, beyond the confines of what is quantifiable to the human eye, is evidence of fear? Really?
    It’s funny, tripe like this video is nothing new, it’s the atheist’s stock in trade after all. Puff out the little chest and congratulate oneself on being so intellectually advanced, while slagging off any theist as obtuse. And yet when do you ever hear an atheist of note stand up and state simply what they believe, not what others believe and why it is wrong? Never.
    ‘I believe human beings to be machines of flesh. Consciousness, and the multitude of emotions you associate with it, from love, to fear, joy, grief, laughter and so on, they’re all just evolutionary adaptations and biological tricks. To ascribe any deeper meaning to it, to suggest that there might be something more to you, well, that is just you falling prey to the illusion of your senses. Nothing more. Your machine will end. And that is that.’
    No. You never, ever, hear that. And for the very good reason, that you can’t enjoy a good old fashioned ego wank, if you are staring nihilism full in the face.

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