Oh, So That’s What That Really Means (13 Pics)

November 7, 2011 | 44 Comments » | Topics: Funny Pictures, Pics

oh thats what it meant

oh thats what it meant

oh thats what it meant

oh thats what it meant

oh thats what it meant

oh thats what it meant

oh thats what it meant

oh thats what it meant

oh thats what it meant

oh thats what it meant

oh thats what it meant

oh thats what it meant

oh thats what it meant


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  • http://www.tercume24.com

    I liked it.. nice post…


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Roff/1426740077 Chris Roff

    based of my biased judgement im going to say a woman thats not in the kitchen made this. (im not single either)

  • Sashadeluca

  • Deej

    Since when is single a noun? Christ some people are retarded…

    • Daniel

      clearly the whole thing is a joke, and based on the definition given, ‘single’ is a noun in this case. so good job

      • Knot Hank

        no, the creator was just too damn lazy to figure out how to re-phrase the definition properly for the part of speech the word actually is. “single; adjective. describing a man who makes jokes about women in the kitchen.” easy enough….

        • Gridirongiants

          Petty dispute, but Daniel’s right.

          • please don’t be that guy

            He has re-defined the word so that ‘single’ is a concrete noun to represent the man. The subsequent description that he is single because of his misogynistic views is irrelevant to the fact that it is a re-defining of the noun man. in the same manner that ‘k’ is not actually a phrase but in this article for humorous purposes it has been posed as one in order to replicate a seemingly serious dictionary entry but with an apparently incongruent description. Now that i have ejaculated over all your ridiculous, pretentious, pedantic quibbles you can turn your attention to the actual intent of the article which i am sure is that of light humor.

          • Cunt

            please don’t be that guy
            A sad person that needs to get out once in a while.

          • please don’t be that guy

            HAH i study english literature at uni hence why i know. The basest form of argument is to attack the person when you have no retort but cant accept that you are wrong

          • Danny

            You study English but don’t know when to use a capitol letter. Retard.

        • elHombre

          This is such a typical internet forum argument but for the record, single can be a noun – phrases like “a bar for singles” or “somewhere singles can hang out” are common enough.

    • Richiepooh

      Single is a noun when the author redefines the word. The whole page is redifinitions of words. Single now being the name for a class of peole who have this behaviour. Retarded is also a noun for a class of people who cannot conceive this principle.

  • A Man



    This Article

    • ΩOmega

      Suck a dick you fuckhead.

      • TheMissesHelp

        That sounds more like a suggestion for gay people (adjective), or the gays (noun).

    • Mane_khachatryan

      Gay is actually an adjective. Gay can mean happy or it can be a sexual orientation. Unless this post made you gay or unless you know the sexual orientation of it please save yourself from humiliation.

      • Foomancrue

        Actually it can be a noun. i.e. ‘oh look, it’s a gay’ or ‘you’re not one of them gays are you?’

  • Lesley

    Ariel, still not a noun. It’s an adjective and the noun is implied

  • yar

    Are you trying to say that to be in a relationship you have to be serious about your woman being in the kitchen rather then joking?

  • Chirskaninerdty653

    Yeah, rape and laughter do not go together and that is very disrespectful. How pathetic are you?

    • Popcornanonymous

      Jesus lighten up. It wasn’t saying rape is funny don’t be such a little bitch

    • Richiepooh

      Wow dude you have issues, take yourself straight to a psyche. We’re all making cheavanism jokes and the first thing to pop into your mind is rape! How’s your relationship with your mother?

  • richiepooh

    I never make jokes about women in the kitchen…Im fucking deadly serious!!

  • DJ

    Tickling is like being raped…really…hmmm, you go try it and tell me if it really is…I’ll take your word for it;)

  • Lucy

    “Tickling” Like being raped? You’re unbelievably ignorant.

    • Anna

      Being a rape victim I can safely tell you that it is similar when you dont want to be tickled. So screw off.

      • Lucy

        I guess we all experience things differently. “Screwing off” now…

  • Ye That Person


  • Coburgon

    why does everyone try to be so serious about it. they’re funny pictures not an English classroom.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JANQ2T4B7LHXXSK6SBZA35SFM4 Jac

    Unoriginal and unfunny.

  • Jdaved402

    um excuse me?!?!

    slut (noun) = a woman who doesnt sexually appreciate any one man enough to stay with him.

    single = a man whose girlfriend makes a big deal over a very accurate stereotype. (at least a few decades ago it was)

  • Squeaky

    I can’t believe the facebook people think they’re so special just because they can tell the difference between a noun and abjective. Congrats. So can a second grader. They know it’s not a noun. They just said that to be cclever.. where on this page does it say it even has to be a noun? it says WORD.. just because all the other ones were nouns doesn’t mean the last one has to be one too.

  • Audreybogle

    ahaha everyone needs to calm down, these are just silly things to make you giggle. not like he’s being serious.

  • http://coffee-clouds.com/ SSK

    Liked the first two the best. =) Thanks for sharing!

  • Brainfruit

    Clearly written by a woman with a low opinion of men…

    • Absolutegillian

      and why not for there would be many of them … and vice versa

  • Renf Grade

    I think a lot of single men are here; take it easy folks

  • http://ipad3release.me/iphone-5-conceptual-pictures/ iphone 5

    interesting facts…. :)

  • Davidsonr

    People here need to grow up and realise that these are just meant to be funny pictures instead of turning into keyboard warriors about how grammatically correct they are. Get out more and get a life.

  • A man who is not single

    shut up and make me a sandwich

  • AmandaKate

    This article is so true…

  • Guest

    You know, single should be used as an adjective in that scenario, not a noun.

  • http://www.facebook.com/elena.bobrusheva Elena Bobrusheva


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