Don’t Read This Comic, It is Incredibly Sad. You Have Been Warned

November 8, 2011 | 45 Comments » | Topics: Comic

clarrisa comic

clarrisa comic

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  • ddbs00

    I probably should have heeded the warning.

    • Guest

      Me too, that kind of ruins my day.

      • Guest

        Yeah, and it’s even sadder if you read it through a second time. This is the worst.

  • Theremin Nipplecat

    I want to round up anybody who has ever hurt a child, trap them in a basement and spend the rest of my life torturing them.

    • Derp

      Seal the door from the inside, while you´re at it, ok? <.<

    • Tyler Jarvis

      Want some help?

    • Funkey Mucker

      I get it! You’re a god-damn lunatic who’s no better than the scum he hates!

  • Nmichelli


  • Ben

    shit didnt entirely get what happened at first read through it a second time and wow

  • Kchicamo

    I didn`t realize how serious the warning was…Shit..!! this really freeze my heart….. They should be punish sooooo baaadddd……

  • Anon

    I lol’d.

  • Anon

    I’m sad now. =(

  • Blubliblao

    I can’t stop laughing! This is just too much…fuckin’ hilarious!

    • anon

      you might want to get yourself checked

    • AlyisEpic

      What is WRONG with you?

  • Pedobear


    • justaguy

      Somehow, I knew this ^ comment^ would be in here somewhere.

  • Sharlotte4

    It becomes even sadder when you realize how true this comic really is. So many are happy to be our friends but when our problems become too real for them, they say ‘I didn’t sign up for this’ and back off. You don’t sign up to be a friend, you are either there for someone completely or not at all.

    • Adam

      Wow, I had not thought of it that way.


  • Bonjovifan1031

    I didn’t understand I read it through three times.

    • Ian Harrington

      her dad raped her

    • Derp

      i would expect that from a bon jovi fan…

  • Sam

    I sort of knew what was coming, I’ve seen another comic with the same girl, same problem. I wonder if there’s more.

  • Blake Kibby

    …I didn’t listen to the warning. Lesson learned.

  • Wookiefan67

    This isn’t just sad, it’s fucked up.

  • Barack Obama

    I lol’d

  • anonymouse

    so they fucked and now the rabbit leaves? i dont get it

    • Guest

      no, the father molested his daughter, which caused the rabbit to leave because it was too much for him to handle.

  • Unfathomable

    I think there needs to be a better warning. Your definition of incredibly sad and mine are wholly different. Victimization of a child is beyond the range of feeling that sad conveys. Anger, rage, disgust, appalling, atrocious are more apt in my opinion.

  • Dragons460

    No i think what happened is the father was sexually molesting her, and the rabbit left because he couldn’t handle the problem. He had to sit there and watch. I don’t know, that’s just my interpretation, it seemed like the shadow of the father connotated a more sinister scheme.

  • Like it is

    Holy shit, that was fucking hilarious.
    The sulky little bitch deserved everything she got (and lost).
    Maybe if she smiled once in a while she might actually start enjoying life.

    • Mel

      wow are you really that heartless?
      the reason she doesn’t smile is because she is being abused you moron.
      I’ve spent my childhood in an abusive situation. People like you make me sick.
      How would you feel if you spent every day of your life being sexually violated? You wouldn’t be a happy go lucky person would you? Think twice before you go insulting people because you don’t understand. No child ever deserves to be abused.

      • Dr.Spaceman

        Don’t feed the trolls!

  • Cory Knoll

    Despite the warning, that… that was unexpected… Took me a second to realize what happened… Kinda wish I weren’t smart enough to figure it out, honestly.

  • memento

    Wow, that was heartbreaking.. and kinda funny. Just when the rabbit’s like “holy shit, I didn’t sign up for this”

  • FunnyNotFunny

    Incredibly sad is the understatement of the century. Thanks for ruining my day StumbleUpon, you fucking prick.

  • Chryst Diets

    It’s sad, incredibly sad because you know what? It happens in REAL life every day, to a child who isn’t drawn in black and white. This comic is good because it brings awareness to the issue of child abuse. All those who are whining and bitching that this ruined their day are like the RABBIT that jumped out the window. YOU don’t want to see the ugliness of the world in which you live so you want to pretend it doesn’t exist in your imaginary worlds of fun and laughs and SO this comic snaps you back to the harsh reality that exists in the world: Real Monsters instead of imaginary ones. You feel like this comic’s existence ruined YOUR day? Think of how much…day after day is ruined for the children it’s actually happening too.

  • Xness

    Probably should have went with the rabbit. and the koala. and the ladybug. and the monkey, and the giraffe. and the pig. and the cat.

  • Dave

    Second reading shows Mom knows what’s going on and is complicit in the crime.

  • Caroline Driver

    More a jokey vein than The Tale of One Bad Rat, by Bryan Talbot, but just as hard hitting and thought provoking. Sometimes sequential art gets a point across faster than a tirade.

  • thesamrams

    aw man

    that was ridiculous

  • Chiyonosake

    Here is how I interpreted it. The child has been acting strange and distant, something the mother has picked up and and in an attempt to get her to become more happy she constantly buys her daughter more stuffed animals because she can’t give the comfort her daughter needs. The mother knows full well what is going to happen when the father gets home, continues drinking to forget, and sends her child to bed. The child begins to feel normal and imaginative again, innocence is shown by the rabbit coming to life wanting to play. Then the father comes in and removes all innocence again, forcing the child to throw away any connection to her childish side, hence the rabbit jumping out the window and becoming a still toy again. Essentially the death of innocence. Sad comic indeed, damn you StumbleUpon!

    • jawdawg18

      she threw it out because she don’t want the rabbit to see it again… to protect the rabbit perhaps..or she wants the rabbit to escape because she can’t.

  • Bob Clutchins

    Why would the father molest his own daughter? I don’t get it….

  • Chase

    I think the bunny represents her child side. It was all innocent and wanted to play games. Then her dad came and molested her. Her childish innocence went out the window

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