A Flowchart For Choosing Your Religion

January 5, 2012 | 8 Comments » | Topics: Funny Pictures, Picture Of The Day

choose your religion

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  • Carolekalagian

    I LOVE THIS!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/adhoclobster Stephen Norman

    Seriously?! Buddhism has no gods and it originated in India! And what does hummus have to do with Islam? Boring, generic Christians aren’t annoying? On what planet? Over 80% of the Midwest United States is annoying, generic Christianity. There’s absolutely nothing remotely interesting or funny about this chart.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Richard-Bruce-Graham/597232574 Richard Bruce Graham

      A couple of serious thoughts (assuming that Ned wasn’t really); To Whom is Gautama Siddhartha referring when He speaks of the Uncreate(d). There’s more, but it would seem important in the case of Buddhism as in every other religious Dispensation, to consider the times and conditions. There were a plethora of gods in Buddha’s time. Adding another “Name” would have served no real purpose. BUT discussing the Reality of the Creator, charting a pattern for spiritual progress and acknowledging the Manifestations of the Past and promising those of the future including the Fifth and Great Buddha, the Buddha of Universal Fellowship…ahhhh. But then, someone who can’t find anything remotely funny in Ned’s chart probably doesn’t know what hummus…or bacon, are;o)

      • http://www.facebook.com/adhoclobster Stephen Norman

        “Whom” is clearly not the right word for it; even a cursory knowledge of Buddhism gives you that. It’s not something with a personality. There were many gods in Buddha’s day, but he didn’t believe in any of them. Your interpretation of Buddhism is all the New Age-, crystal-healing, faux Eastern rage these days, but it’s a weird one. Buddhism starts and ends in pragmatism. 1. There is suffering. 2. Okay, what can we do to alleviate it. 3. Here are 8 things that can be done about it. That’s it. It’s the world’s first motivational psychology step-by-step program to happiness.

        Bacon, hummus, and Buddhism aside, I don’t find the chart remotely funny, because it’s not. It’s not intelligent.

        • Steve Allen

          It does a pretty good job at showing how superficial all mythology is IMHO!

  • Tomsmith

    Have you considered that the chart may be referring to the buddha’s weight Stephen ? Try to read it transcendentally .

  • No One

    First of all, there are some Jehovah’s Witnesses who are vegetarians, or who just don’t like bacon, and what’s more annoying, salesmen or others who come to your door trying to sell you something or try to get you to vote for them, or something like that, or friendly people who come to your door and are just trying to help people have a better day.

  • Jonky

    First question should be “Do you believe in a magical pixie in the sky?”, with the 2 potential answers being “Yes: choose a religion” and “No: you are logical, sensible & intellegent”

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