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If you aren’t following us on Facebook, you are missing out! – Facebook

A Hodgepodge Of Hotties (32 Pics) – Awesome Galore

15 Hilarious Reaction GIFs To Give Your Funny Bone A Workout – Caveman Circus

Funny Animal Pictures (20 Pics) – We Rule The Internet

Most effective way to prevent your kid from being teased in school – Awesome Galore

Check Out Gianna Mazzon …seriously, check her out – The Slingshot

Lindsey is your damn cute college girl of the day – College Humor

5 Everyday Rip-Offs That Are Surprisingly Easy to Avoid – Linkiest

Beautiful Girls Who Like to Show Off That They’re Hot – Uncoached

Military Dad Comes to Son’s Birthday Disguised as Captain America – Unreality Mag

Olivia Paige is a small town girl who likes to get dirty – Regretful Morning

Major League Umpire Makes Horrible Call – Ego TV

Mischa Barton is Now 45 Years Old – Yeeeah

Eva Mendes & Alexa Vega @ “Girl In Progress” Screening in L.A. – Moe Jackson

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