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This Sums Up Alcohol Ever So Nicely – Caveman Circus

A Whole Lot Of Nope (GIF) – Awesome Galore

Pictures Of Animals Sleeping Is Soothing To The Soul (21 Pics) – We Rule The Internet

68 Sexiest Pictures Of Vanessa Hudgens – The Slingshot

The 20 Hottest Photos of Kaley Cuoco – Heavy

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A Little Too Much Booze for These Celebrities (64 pics) – Linkiest

Things We Don’t Have in America, But Really Should – Uncoached

Six Movie Bars Where I’d Like to Order a Drink – Unreality Mag

Natasha Barnard is a Godsend from South Africa – Regretful Morning

Taylor Swift looking hot at Billboard Awards – Yeeeah

Kerina Derizans Likes Her Bikinis Revealing – Don Chavez

Woman Bowls Ball into Ceiling – Ego TV

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  • Iamtedstevens

    Always, always anti-police. You really think you’d be safer without us, you’re nuts.

    • code red

      Should a crazy start charging at me, I’d want you around.
      Don’t shoot the wrong guy, though! Luv ya xoxo

    • ashire14

      I don’t think that was the point. More an indictment on our society that this is going on in America. Certainly it is not anti-German police. ;)

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