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August 6, 2015 | No Comments » | Topics: Uncategorized

A surprising thing happened in California when people were told they could help themselves to free money…

What happens when you stick a ton of dollar bills on a board with the words ‘Take what you need, give what you can’? The guys from Ark Project Now who created this social experiment weren’t at all sure, but the footage of what happened next proves beyond a doubt that humans really are awesome. Yes, we are.

The guys went to Mission Beach in San Diego and stuck the board in a busy place with lots of people passing by. Some stopped to take photos and selfies, and most chose to stick some cash to the board. The experiment started with $20.

Within 45 minutes, this sum had doubled.

One man, who admits he is poor and needy, says on camera: “It makes your brain scramble seeing all that money floating around. It makes you think how many people are out here doing the right thing.” He could definitely use the cash, but he is reluctant to take it. “If I were rich, I’d be putting $100 up there,” he says, adding humbly: “there’s so many hundreds of other people in more need than I am. As long as I got my mental health and meal for tomorrow I’m not greedy. Greed destroys love. marriages, relationships, it destroys everything. Trust and friendship are worth more than gold.”

Wow. This guy should have his own TV show.

But as true as all that is, his attitude is the flaw in their experiment: it’s not that people don’t give, it’s that people are shy about taking.

“This is going a whole lot differently to how we imagined,” says one of the crew. “Which is cool…but we hope someone comes along and takes some.” Do they? Well, yes…but they have to be cajoled into it!

This is a happy, feel-good video which could give you shivers down your spine (especially with the cool soundtrack). It might even make you tear up a little. It comes from the team at ARK (Act of Random Kindness) Project Now, who do wonderful work helping spread a little happiness and encouraging others to do the same.

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