cat in subway
This Cat In Japan Knows How To Take The Subway

missing cat found next to missing poster
Missing Cat Found Sitting Next To His Own Missing Cat Flyer

life is beautiful
A Few Photos To Remind You That Life Is Beautiful

russian couple adopts orphan bear
This Russian Couple Adopted An Orphaned Bear Over 22 Years Ago, And They Still Live Together Today

Slat invented a way to rid oceans of damaging plastic refuse. It sounds rather far-fetched, but when you hear more about his invention, you'll understand why his project is garnering so much support.
A 20 Year Old's Genius Invention Could Rid The Ocean Of Plastic Pollution

Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

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bubba the cat

Ginger Cat Bubba Loves School So Much They Issue Student Body Card for Him – Love Meow

This Guy Invited His Taxi Driver To The Theme Park With Him Because He’d Never Been – Caveman Circus

20 Modern Women You Won’t Believe Are Royal – Scribol

Cute girls and their beautiful smiles will hypnotize and memserize – Bro My God

 The 24 Creepiest Discoveries People Just Stumbled Into – Linkiest

Giant A**hole Keys Up A Porsche (video) – Leenks

A nice collection of random hotness – G-Celeb

Deez Nuts is the Third Most Voted for Presidential Candidate in Multiple States (Video) – Radass

Cute Girls With Glasses? Yes Please (46 Pics) – Regretful Morning

The Best WiFi Router for 2015: Google OnHub – Classy Bro

Caitlyn Jenner Faces Manslaughter Charge, but It Was Bruce’s Fault! – The Blemish

100 Greatest Songs of the 2000s – Ranker

Meet Loki: The Cat With ‘Vampire’ Teeth – Pleated Jeans

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