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October 13, 2015 | No Comments » | Topics: Heartwarming

Raju spent his whole life in captivity entertaining tourists and guests of his owner. After realizing that his suffering will soon be over he cried tears of joy.


He spent 50 years being shackled in chains, sometimes having to eat plastic and paper to fill his stomach.


Thankfully, after long years of suffering Raju was saved in a courageous midnight rescue operation by Wildlife SOS UK.


Raju’s owner tried to prevent the rescue, putting chains on his legs and shouting commands to terrify him. But the rescuers stood their ground. As they did, tears began to roll down Raju’s face. “He felt hope for the first time”, says Kartrick.


The chains were so tightly wrapped that it took 45 minutes to liberate him.


Raju was driven to the sanctuary by brave rescuers 350 miles to the charity’s Elephant Conservation and Care Centre at Mathura.


The elephant was so exhausted he could barely move.


Raju took his first steps of freedom at one minute past midnight on July 4, finally tasting what independence feels like.


The charity is certain that Raju will spend the rest of his life free from suffering.


Wildlife SOS UK is trying to raise  £10,000 to help start Raju’s new life. To contribute visit

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