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October 27, 2015 | No Comments » | Topics: Humanity

Credit: Langar Aid UK

In the Sikh religion, a Langar is a common kitchen which serves vegetarian meals to all visitors – regardless of their beliefs or backgrounds – for free. While a Langar is typically found near a Sikh place of worship, a charitable organization has established a common kitchen in one of the most inhospitable places on Earth – a refugee camp just five miles away from the Syrian border.

Those fleeing the war in their homeland need not face the burden alone, thanks to an organization run by a number of kind-hearted Sikhs.

As Times of India reports, the organization Langar Aid, which is an extension of the UK-based NGO Khalsa Aid, is providing free food and water to those fleeing the civil war.

Each day, the bakery feeds around 14,000 people!

Credit: Langar Aid

Volunteers with the organization have been feeding distressed people for over a year now and providing them daily hope.

Over time, the volunteers had to strip down the traditional Langar model and focus solely as a bakery due to the small quantities of food that can make it through to the Kurdish region. However, their efforts are going far to nourish the bodies and spirits of those transiting through the camp.

In recent months, more support has been pouring in from around Europe, which will hopefully allow the organization to broaden its scope and feed more mouths.

Credit: Langar Aid


(via True Activist)

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