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February 19, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Humanity, Life

Like most people, Balu was never sure what he wanted to do with his life, he just knew that he wanted to help animals. So it’s probably not surprising that the Indian man saved money for over a decade so he could afford to buy a van, which he used to start a unique ambulance service that takes hurt and homeless dogs in Pune, India, to vets for treatment.

He’s not just an ambulance driver either, Balu also takes care of sick cats and dogs in his home. He has learned the basics of animal care and he knows enough to dress their wounds, put up saline solutions, and give them medication. To offset the cost of his services, he charges pet owners around 15 cents a mile to drive their sick pets to a vet.

As a fan of animals, Balu himself always keeps around 5 or 6 strays in his own home. It’s his way of helping local shelters which are almost always filled to capacity. His kindness is a unique thing in India, where a lot of people think of strays as a nuisance, but he says many people support him and love what he’s doing for the animals–they simply don’t like him helping strays.

For more information on this inspirational story, here’s a video by Open Road India about Balu and his ambulance service!

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