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Newly Adopted Kittens On The Ride Home From The Shelter

March 15, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Animals, Cute

1. “As a newly single mom, I thought we could use a third member of the family. The first ride home, I knew she was the perfect addition.” – Justanexcitablegirl


2. “Bringing our Jipsee kitty home.” – sklles



3. “Dougie lounging on his ride to his forever home.” – ImHere4TheKitties


4. “My new kitten fell asleep on his ride home.” – lauradur


5. “Just got a kitten from the animal shelter. What should I name her??” – DavidLLevi


6. “Here’s our new kitten that we picked up from the shelter.” – Please_Disregard


7. “On the way home from the shelter. Neville and my sister are hitting it off.” – kayteerex


8. “Bringing this 3 1/2 legged kitten home.” – ImSortOfANerd



9. “Driving home after adopting him I decided to let him out of the pet box. He rode on my lap the rest of the 30 minute drive, purring the entire time.” – ChangedMyLyfe



10. “Just got her, driving her home.” – Holmeskid


11. “My first kitten on the day we brought her home.” – pisionBell_



12. “Peach on the car ride home.” – Carlylam



13. “In the box, on the way home from the shelter.” – namilcho


14. “Just adopted this little girl from a shelter, she has no name, any suggestions?” – Miflo


15. “Just spring from the shelter, but too afraid to leave the carrier.” – catjuggler



16. “My friend’s new kitten refused to sleep anywhere else on our car ride home.” –Biggg_21

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