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May 25, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Heartwarming

rescue dogs comfort each other

Sometimes, all it takes is a loving hand from someone who understands what you’ve gone through. Two dogs, Sammie and Simon, were rescued two weeks apart, from two different shelters in South Carolina. 

Sammie is a 4-month-old puppy who has been brutalized since he was born, and was spray-painted, dragged by a car, and shot. Simon, is a 1-year-old border collie who is still recovering from a terrible experience or his own, at the hands of his previous owner. 

When the dogs met at a veterinary clinic this week, it only took a few seconds for them to understand each other. 

Sammie was laying on the table,and Simon gently lifted his hand to the operating table and rested it on Sammie’s. It appeared that Simon was comforting a fellow survivor. 

rescue dogs comfort each other

“The compassion and understanding between animals is beyond me,” Jackie O’Sullivan, cofounder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

The Rescue Dog Rocks NYC took these dogs out of the shelters that they were in and got them the treatment they needed. 

Sammie may sadly wind up losing his leg, as he was shot with a .22 caliber rifle, but after undergoing intensive emergency treatment, he will survive. 

rescue dogs comfort each other

Simon has been standing by him every step of the way, and while at the clinic, Simon refuses to leave Sammie’s side. 

rescue dogs comfort each other

But, by getting the love he needs from his friend Simon, Sammie should be A-ok.

rescue dogs comfort each other

rescue dogs comfort each other

rescue dogs comfort each other

Be sure to keep up with all of these pups’ progress on the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC Facebook page!

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