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June 2, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Rescue

cat abandoned on the side of street in brooklyn

Dear whomever thought it was a good idea to leave your cat on the side of the road with his litter box, you suck. 

This poor cat was left all alone along with a few cat supplies and his litter box on Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. Neighbors discovered the cat crying and sitting beside his belongings.

The poor cat has no idea what just happened – or why? Why would his human just dump him out like trash? Meredith Ferrel, who took the picture, was the first person to find the cat who was soon named, Nostrand.

Prior to his disappearance, a rather depressing photo of the cat was captured. The Flatbush Area Team for Cats (FAT Cats), a Brooklyn-based rescue group for cats,  shared this photo to their Facebook page in hopes the local community could help find him. Unfortunately, a street sweeper spooked him, and he ran off. People rallied, and Elizabeth Champ, one of FAT Cats’ founders, headed out to look for Nostrand. It took days, but soon Nostrand was found in Karen Oh’s backyard.

cat abandoned on the side of street in brooklyn\

Karen, as luck would have it, is a retired cat rescuer! The cat was taken to a veterinarian, who discovered he was not microchipped. The cat received a clean bill of health, with the exception of fleas.

cat abandoned on the side of street in brooklyn

He was probably exhausted after being on the run for days! Nostrand is a one-year-old male and it is not uncommon for people in NYC to dump cats when they can’t afford to get them fixed.

cat abandoned on the side of street in brooklyn

FAT Cats is currently contacting individuals who expressed interest in fostering and/or adopting the cat. 

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