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September 6, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Life

man apologizes 20 years later to kid he bullied

ChadMichael Morrisette, a Los Angeles-based brand consultant and visual designer, says he was surprised to receive a message on Facebook earlier this week from the man (name withheld) who helped make his teen years miserable.

The man explained that he’d been inspired to apologize after his young daughter asked if he’d ever bullied anyone.

Morrisette posted the apology on his Facebook page with a note that provided some background:

“During junior high and high school I was bullied for being who I am. I was bullied for being gay. I was bullied for being little. I was bullied for every reason someone is bullied. It was awful. I couldn’t even walk to classes without an adult escort or friends with me.”

The message read:

guy apologizes to gay kid he bullied in high school

After shedding some tears and taking a few days to take in the apology, Morrisette responded:

guy apologizes to gay kid he bullied in high school

His former bully then responded:

guy apologizes to gay kid he bullied in high school

Perhaps in a message to any young people struggling with bullying who might read his story, he added that it really does get better and better.

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