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October 12, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Humanity

Instead of expecting expensive wedding gifts like many brides, Leigh Clark asked friends and family to spread a little love around the local community. And the results were incredible.

Leigh told the Huffington Post: “The world had given us something we both spent a lifetime looking for — true love. The best thing we could do was to spread kindness through our wedding.”

Friends and family loved the idea. Bridesmaid Emily Schairer (and daughter Chloe) donated pet supplies to a local animal shelter.

Friend of the couple, Keegan Leahy, bought lunch for the person queueing behind him.

Childhood friend Jillian Bhatia and kids Rohan and Vi took their donations to a women’s shelter.

London-based Caitlin Blewitt brought her office security guard frozen yoghurt.

The news spread so far, so fast that old friends contacted Leigh out of the blue telling her about their random acts of kindness.

Maid of Honor Jennifer Avitabile took a dozen donuts to her local nail salon.

So how did the bride and groom spread a little joy?

Leigh’s first act of kindness was delivering meals to underpriveleged families on Thanksgiving: “I realised that happiness doesn’t necessarily come from within. It can be reflected back to you.” They also delivered fresh flowers to sick and elderly people, brightening up local hospitals and nursing homes.

Leigh says, “If you’re doing the right thing while going about your day and trying to make the world a nicer place, the world smiles back.”

Who needs a new blender and cutlery set when you can spread this much love around your local community? Everyone should follow in Leigh’s footsteps, if you ask us.

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