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21 Of The Oldest Cats Adopted By The Kindest People

October 17, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Cats

1. Adorable Lil’ T was adopted at 10-years-old


Photo Credit: Tiacat10


2. An older woman adopted the white cat in the middle at 19-years-old


Photo Credit: lazespud


3. “My son and I adopted a 10+ year old cat who used to live in the park.”


Photo Credit: agskaali


4. 8-year-old cat adopted from local rescue. This photo was taken only 10-minutes after being brought to his new home.


Photo Credit: UniBrr


5. “Fulfilled a life goal of mine today and adopted the oldest cat at the local shelter.”


Photo Credit: 


6. Meet 15-year-old Zeta, she was adopted 5-years-ago from the vet clinic her mommy works at


Photo Credit: tokitorii


7. “A friend of mine just adopted this 6-year-old cat, and this is how she waits for her food.”


Photo Credit: rachelpurrmeow


8. Cat’s don’t care about age. This cat adopted this 102-year-old woman.


Photo Credit: Barbara T. Bates


9. Venture was adopted at 14-years-old, but he doesn’t look a day over 5!


Photo Credit: LeelooDallasSupremeBeing


10. Pretty kitty named Pumpkin adopted at 9-years-old from shelter


Photo Credit: haley13


11. This cutie-pie was adopted from a shelter at 9-years-old. Her owner writes, “She hasn’t left my side since.”


Photo Credit: tinikay


12. This cat was adopted at 4-years-old. “She hated all the toys except one.”


Photo Credit: 


13. “Just adopted my first cat. He is 11-years-old!” (and huge)


Photo Credit: EvilMartha


14. Beautiful 13-year-old cat named Q-tip adopted into new loving home


Photo Credit: meowbandit


15. “We adopted an 8-year-old cat from the shelter because he stole our hearts with his cuddles.”


Photo Credit: HerpBlvd


16. Recently adopted 15-year-old feline


Photo Credit: ElectricHerpes


17. Ethan was 7-years-old when his doting owners adopted him


Photo Credit: SpeedballaOne


18. Pretty lil 11-year-old cat gets a new chance at life


Photo Credit: kolop1


19. 7-year-old cat photographed the same day of adoption


Photo Credit: Rollerbladdin


20. 6-year-old Floyd was stuck living at the shelter for months before he was finally adopted, and now look how happy he is!


Photo Credit:


21. “My new roomie 18-year-old Mr. Salem Schmusel”


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