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November 2, 2016 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Animals

A Border Collie named Grizzler is the world’s first ‘phodographer’. With the help of Nikon and the new “Heartography” system, Grizzler is able to snap pictures from his doggy perspective.

The device comes with a heart rate monitor that is worn on a strap around the dog’s neck.


This is connected via Bluetooth to a case that holds one of Nikon’s cameras, which is secured on the dog’s chest with a harness.

The camera snaps a picture every time the dog’s heart rate goes up — which can mean he’s either excited or scared.

“Photos can capture the world’s beauty within a single frame, and photographers translate what they feel into what others can see,” the Nikon website states.



“With Heartography, anyone with a heartbeat can be a photographer.”

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One Response to “This Amazing Camera Takes Pictures Every Time Your Dog Is Excited”

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