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June 24, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

A Few Clips Guaranteed To Make You Feel Better About Life – Caveman Circus

How to Teach Your Dog the “Stop Barking” Command – Dogster

Zoo Closing After 140 Years to Give Its Animals a Better Life – Newser

19 Images You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photoshopped – Linkiest

This Japanese pro wrestling match had the most hilarious ending we’ve ever seen – Rare

10 Thoughts Your Dog Has Definitely Had – Husky Lovers

10 Painfully Obvious Truths Everyone Forgets Too Soon – Marc And Angel

If Dogs Had Jobs… (21 Photos) – Radass

Worst Dad Ever Buys Full-Page Newspaper Ad to Help Son Find a Wife – Pleated Jeans

Dog And Rat Make The Strangest Duo – Rant Pets

Kate Upton Droppin’ More Landmine Squats for You Mofos – G-Celeb

Emilyi Ratajkowski — Like Mother, Like Daughter – The Blemish

Their Grandpa Told Them Stories About A Pirate Treasure Growing Up. They Didn’t Think It Was Real….Until Recently – Slip Talk

The 21 Dumbest Patents Of All Time – World Wide Interweb

Stunning Travel Photos by John Soulé – Gunaxin

38 semi brilliant examples of redneck innovation – Bad Sentinel

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Cool Links Of The Day

June 22, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

5-year-old Girl Helps Save Kitten, They Can’t Stop Cuddling – Love Meow

A Few Answers To Questions You Always Wondered About – Caveman Circus

10 Bizarre Paranormal Stories Involving Famous People – Linkiest

This 19-Year-Old Makeup Artist Is Taking Instagram By Storm (20 Pics) – Quirly Cues

Keep Your Dog Safe From These 10 Outdoor Dangers – Dogster

These 7 red flags in the workplace may be signs you’re about to lose your job – Rare

Man Was So Close With Rescued Crocodile That Wife Left Him – Rant Pets

Heroic Humans Act To Save A Dog In Big Trouble – Quirly Cues

Jessica Biel, Selena Gomez and Other Random Ladies – G-Celeb

Suprising ways famous bands got their names – Ranker

You Can Buy This Entire Island For Less Than a House in London – Radass

18 Extremely Awkward Engagement Photos – Pleated Jeans

Tila Tequila Launches Pro-Nazi Twitter Attack on Sarah Silverman – The Blemish

He Took This Old Van And Did Something That Will Make You Insanely Jealous – Slip Talk

The 21 Greatest Actor Portrayals in Biographical Films (gallery) – World Wide Interweb

Depth Perception: 28 Amazing 3D Tattoos – Regretful Morning

Reaction to ‘Batman v Superman’ Changed Tone of ‘Justice League’ But is That a Good Thing? – Double Viking

If I pay attention hard enough, I might get what you’re talking about (28 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

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Cool Links Of The Day

June 20, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

A Few Clips Guaranteed To Make You Feel Better About Life – Caveman Circus

This Math Question For 10-Year-Olds Is Baffling Adults Everywhere – Linkiest

Guy Moves in With Girlfriend, Tweets All of His Little Mind-Blowing Moments – Pleated Jeans

My Dog Thinks He Is a Human – Dogster

Talented Dog Is Better At Singing In The Car Than You’ll Ever Be – Rant Pets

This Tiny Chihuahua Tries To Show His Brother Who’s Boss…And Hilariously Fails –

Little girl calls her dad’s bluff after he struggles to tell her where babies come from – Rare

This Dog And 33 Of His Friends Were Just Saved From Being Eaten – The Dodo

Cringey Celebrity Myspace Profiles That Are Still Out There – Ranker

You’ll Question Your Place In The Universe After Reading These 19 Facts About Space! – Slip Talk

Girls Confess the Things They Wish Their Boyfriends Would Do (15 Photos) – Radass

10+ Animal Expressions That Perfectly Sum Up What It’s Like To Be A Mother – Bored Panda

Iggy Azalea Has Trust Issues – G-Celeb

20 Photos That Will Help You If You’re Ever Feeling Down – World Wide Interweb

Gone Too Soon: ‘Star Trek’ Star Anton Yelchin Dies in Tragic Accident – Double Viking

An awesome tribute to mans best friend (30 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

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Cool Links Of The Day

June 17, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

This One Goes Out To All Those Who Love Being Close To The Comforts Of Nature – Caveman Circus

24 Brilliant People Making The Best Of Every Situation – Linkiest

‘Finding Dory’ Sends A Clear Message To SeaWorld – The Dodo

These 22 Photos Prove That Humanity Is NOT Lost – I Am Now In Tears! – Quirly Cues

How to Safely Trim Your Dog’s Nails – Dogster

Watch this 13-year-old actress sing her heart out before the opening pitch of this ball game – Rare

Jessica Alba Late Night Hotness in NYC – G-Celeb

This woman is 80 years old and looks damn amazing! – Bright Side

How to Straighten a Pigs Tail with Your Magic Finger (Video) – Radass

Christina Grimmie’s Killer Got Surgery to Impress Her, but Obviously, That Didn’t Work – The Blemish

The 25 Most “Pun-gent” Dad Jokes Of All Time – World Wide Interweb

How to Travel the World First Class When You’re Broke – VICE

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Cool Links Of The Day

June 16, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

Comfort Dogs Are Flown Into Orlando to Help Survivors Cope – MyModernMet

Feed Your Brain With These Fascinating Facts – Caveman Circus

10 Astonishing Facts That Forever Changed Medicine – Linkiest

Dog Loves To Watch His Owner Eat, But What He Does When Caught Will Crack You Up – Rant Pets

Mandi – rescue of a homeless Pitbull living in an abandoned yard – Husky Lovers

A Starving Pit Bull Pulls Through to Find a Loving Family – Dogster

Rumor: Trump Is Running Just to Start His Own Cable Channel – Newser

If You Recently Bought Ramen Noodles, Get Rid Of Them ASAP! Here’s Why – Quirly Cues

Guy Shares His 85-Year-Old Granny’s Polite Google Search And It Goes Viral – Bored Panda

A selfless Indian man adopted 22 HIV-positive children after their parents abandoned them – Rare

Jasmin Walia Bikini Photos in Ibiza – G-Celeb

Top 10 Reasons Dogs Are Mans Best Friend – Radass

The Secret to Happiness Is 10 Specific Behaviors – Medium

This Tattoo Artist Lost His Arm, But He Received A Gift Recently And It’s Already Changing His Life For The Better – Slip Talk

Bobby Brown’s First Drug Experience Was Cocaine Fried Chicken – The Blemish

45 Mysteriously Hot Pics of Ekaterina Zueva – Regretful Morning

How To Build A Computer For Under $30 (Raspberry Pi) – Classy Bro

25 Incredibly Awkward Dad Family Photos  – World Wide Interweb

Steven Spielberg Makes Fans a Promise for ‘Indiana Jones 5’ – Double Viking

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Cool Links Of The Day

June 15, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

The pit bull is so scared of the cat he tiptoes around it – Husky Lovers

A Few Answers To Questions You Always Wondered About – Caveman Circus

22 Dad Jokes That Are So Bad You Can’t Help But Laugh – Linkiest

10 Things to Remember When You’ve Lost Your Motivation – Marc And Angel

5 Stages of Grieving Every Dog Goes Through Before the Vet – Rant Pets

Wrapped in Love Volunteers Sew, Knit, and Crochet for Homeless Pets – Dogster

The amount of money the average NBA player spends in a month is jaw-dropping – Rare

Who Were The 49 Orlando Mass Shooting Victims – Quirly Cues

Girls’ Court Room Adoption Is A Royal Surprise – Radass

Jennifer Aniston’s Pregnant Bikini Photos in the Bahamas – G-Celeb

Rescued Pig Is So Excited To Have Her Very Own Puppy – The Dodo

Nature always finds a way to survive, Never give up! (28 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

This Guy Took An Old Cargo Van And Turned It Into Something I’ve Dreamed Of Having For Years – Slip Talk

Ten Odd Celebrity Cameos in Movies – Gunaxin

25 Photos That Are Funny Because They’re True – World Wide Interweb

17 Dogs Who Got Hilariously Trapped in the Couch – Pleated Jeans

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Cool Links Of The Day

June 14, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

Deaf Shelter Dog Whose Best Friend Got Adopted First Is So Loved Now – The Dodo

A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos And Videos – Caveman Circus

24 Kids Who Have Hilarious Life Goals – Linkiest

10 Amazing ‘Dad’ Hacks They Can Use When Taking Care Of The Kids – Quirly Cues

Hilarious Ways You Know You’re Obsessed With Your Dog – Rant Pets

The Eternal Question: Why Does My Dog Stare at Me? – Dogster

21 Tiny Moments Of Pure Joy You Can Only Experience In A Happy, Healthy Relationship – Thought Catalog

Two excited wolfdogs welcome their mommy in the most amazing way – Husky Lovers

Katrina Bowden Squattin’ for You Mofos – G-Celeb

30 Behaviors That Will Make You Unstoppable – Medium

Daughter Finds Videos Dad Left For Her After He Passes Away – Radass

Tom Cruise’s Droopy Face Scares Him – The Blemish

Her remarkable cover of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” will send your heart soaring above the clouds – Rare

These Are 5 Areas Around The World That Are Blacked Out On Google Maps. What’s Going On There!? – Slip Talk

Former Ticketmaster CEO explains why you can’t buy tickets – The Ringer

16 Graduation Fails for a Brighter Future – Regretful Morning

That moment you realize you’re winning at life (30 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

Wanna Go For A Ride, Gramps? – Tosh

20 Times Google Search Totally Nailed It – World Wide Interweb

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Cool Links Of The Day

June 13, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

A Healthy Dose Of Motivation To Help You Get Through The Week – Caveman Circus

10 Bizarre Facts That Will Make You Lose Faith In The Modern World – Linkiest

Comfort Dogs Descend on Orlando After Mass Shooting – Dogster

This Girl Fed These Crows For Years, But Wait Until You See How They Thanked Her – Quirly Cues

Excited dog desperately tries to keep pink balloon from falling to the earth – Rare

14 Secret Service Code Names That Would Be Perfect For Donald Trump – Radass

This Tiny Chihuahua Tries To Show His Brother Who’s Boss…And Hilariously Fails – Husky Lovers

Cat Meets 50 Dogs At A Dog Show And Their Reactions Are Priceless – Rant Pets

Charlotte McKinney Droppin’ Some New Releases on Social Media – G-Celeb

The 18 Creepiest Japanese Urban Legends – Ranker

YouTube Star And The Voice Contestant Christina Grimmie Was Shot and Killed By Deranged Fan – The Blemish

22 Brutal Social Media Burns – Regretful Morning

16 Photos Of Things Cut In Half – World Wide Interweb

Five Underrated Horror Sequels – Gunaxin

What Do You Think Stan Lee’s Favorite Superhero Movie Is? – Double Viking

It’s my life and I’ll make my own rules (36 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

Dog Who Lost Her Legs Helps People Just Like Her – The Dodo

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Cool Links Of The Day

June 10, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

A Few Clips Guaranteed To Make You Feel Better About Life – Caveman Circus

Meet Leonardo DiCaprio’s new girlfriend Ela Kawalec – Linkiest

A Sweet Homeless Pit Bull Gets A Rescue That’ll Touch Your Heart – Husky Lovers

No One Showed Up To This Autistic Teen’s Birthday. Now She Needs Your Help! – Quirly Cues

Puppy 101: Important Lessons for Your Dog’s First Few Months – Dogster

A tiny flying squirrel gets a whiff of some grub and does the cutest thing – Rare

London Restaurant Battle: Lindsay Lohan vs. Kourtney Kardashian – G-Celeb

Valedictorian With Full Ride to College Forced Into Hiding After Bragging About Undocumented Status – The Blemish

Why the middle class has less money and bigger bills – Marketplace

That Friday Feeling (31 Photos) – Radass

The 33 Best Donut Shops In America – Thrillist

Elon Musk believes we are probably characters in some advanced civilization’s video game

Stop Making Everything Perfect For Your Kid – Medium

Three Subtle Ways of Keeping Your Individuality in the Workplace – Gunaxin

Dogs Who Spent 7 Months In A Basement Go Outside For The First Time – The Dodo

Bill Murray “Really Respects” Those New Ghostbusters – Double Viking

20 Photos That Could Change Your Life Forever – World Wide Interweb

That was a fail to last a lifetime (30 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

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Cool Links Of The Day

June 9, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

Sweet pit bull waits patiently in line to get some of his favorite sweet treat – Husky Lovers

A Few Pictures To Help You Scratch That Nostalgic Itch – Caveman Circus

10 Spiritual Or Scientific Attempts At Raising The Dead – Linkiest

6 Things I Feel Guilty About as a Pet Parent – Dogster

These Baby Squirrels Are The Most Beautifully Adorable Critters Of All Time – Rant Pets

11-Year-Old Girl Delivers One Of The Best Text Message Burns To Her Boyfriend – Quirly Cues

One mom is walking 6,000 miles to honor her late daughter – Rare

Dog Chained Up During Flood Gets Adopted By The Man Who Saved Her – The Dodo

Kate Upton in See-Through for Her 24th Birthday! – G-Celeb

The Most Extreme Body Transformations Done for Movie Roles – Ranker

People Share Their First Date Confessions And Wow Dating Sucks (17 Photos) – Radass

Demi Rose Is Tyga’s Maybe Girlfriend – The Blemish

60-Year-Old Man Becomes A Fashion Model After Growing A Beard (10+ Pics) – Bored Panda

These two pistols are made from an actual meteorite and cost $4.5 million – Sneak Hype

Those ‘Rogue One’ Reshoots Sound Pretty Involved – Double Viking

At First I Thought This Was Just An Inflatable Igloo. Until I Looked Inside. WHOA – Slip Talk

20 Photos That Prove Science Has Gone Too Far – World Wide Interweb

7 Smart Ways to Deal with Toxic People – Marc And Angel

FML! That wasn’t supposed to happen (40 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

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