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17 Of The Best Examples Of Cat Logic

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A Few Photos To Remind You That Life Is Beautiful

construction workers builds where waldo game for kids in hospital
A Construction Worker Built A life-Size Where's Waldo For Kids In The Hospital Next Door To Find

A Look Inside 'The World's Most Dog-Friendly Workspace'


Cool Links Of The Day

September 13, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

This outfit got a 4th grade teacher in hot water and people are not pleased – Rare

A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos And Videos – Caveman Circus

What Jim Carrey Explains In 1 Minute May Change Your Life Forever – Leenks

You are Not Really A Couple Until You Survive These 23 Awkward Moments In Bed – Linkiest

Here’s What $150 Can Do In Your Home – Better Homes

Dog Terrifies Cats Stalking Bird (Video) – Bro My God

Man From India Tells How to Live To Be The Oldest Man In The World – Quirly Cues

Has Grief Ever Prompted You to Adopt a Rebound Dog? – Dogster

Daisy Lowe in Tights and See-Through – G-Celeb

This Guy Just Spent $5,000 On A Special Truck. I Had Tears Once When I Found Out Why – Slip Talk

Busty Girls Always Make Monday Feel Better – Bro My God

Hot girls with glasses are definitely my cup of tea (28 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

Emily Ratajkowski Being Scoped Out by Security – Evil Beet

20 All-New Fails from the People of Walmart – Regretful Morning

Top Ten NES Sports Video Games – Gunaxin

Puns so bad you can’t help but furiously blow out air from your nose (32 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

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Cool Links Of The Day

September 12, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

This Dog Walks 4 Miles To Town Everyday Just To Say Hi To Everyone – Caveman Circus

What Your Girlfriend Wants You to Wear – Cool Material

10 Mysterious Religions Practiced In The Shadows – Linkiest

What Your Poop Can Tell You About Your Diet And Your Health – Quirly Cues

What Kind of Dog Should I Get? – Dogster

Make Tuna Popsicles for Your Cat With This Recipe – Catster

Somehow a human escaped a ridiculous parking garage predicament completely intact – Rare

Ten Reasons Croatia Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination – Radass

Emily Ratajkowski in a super sexy dress – G-Celeb

Brutally Honest Comics About Adulthood – Leenks

4 Secrets to Getting Through Difficult Situations (and Really Bad Days) – Marc And Angel

Alexis Arquette Dies at 47 – OMG Blog

See Rosie the Riveter at 95! – Evil Beet Gossip

North Korea bans sarcasm because Kim Jong-un fears people only agree with him ‘ironically’ – The Blemish

Sexy Star Wars Cosplay – Gunaxin

How To Learn In 2 Days What Normally Takes 6 Months – Medium

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Cool Links Of The Day

August 29, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

Cop Honors His Beloved K-9 Partner By Saving A Dog From Death Row – Caveman Circus

25 Facts That Will Destroy Your Worldview – Linkiest

Inside Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market: The World’s Biggest Fish Market – Leenks

Badly Injured Pit Bull Goes From the Streets to a Loving Home in 11 Days – Dogster

5 Reasons Why My Cat Would Take Me to Small Claims Court – Catster

11 treats to boost your brain and memory – Retirement Improved

The Top 10 Style-defining fashion trends of the 90’s – OMG Blog

A Look At The Worst And Best Dressed At This Years MTV VMAs – Radass

Papua New Guinea Tribe Smokes The Deceased To Preserve Their Bodies – Slip Talk

Jen Lawrence Leads Top Paid Actress List – Evil Beet

How I fed my family on $50 a week – Rare

Piglet Sold On Side Of The Road Finally Gets The Best New Home – The Dodo

Sarah Hyland’s Modern Cleavage and Legs – G-Celeb

Getting people to eat the world’s hottest pepper extract (Video) – Bad Sentinel

The Funniest Pictures Of Forever Alone People You Will Ever See – Bro My God

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Cool Links Of The Day

August 25, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

There’s a Statue in Russia Dedicated to the Most Loyal Dog a City Has Ever Known – Leenks

This Guy Turned His Jeep Into A House On Wheels To Travel Africa For 2 Years – Caveman Circus

The top twenty most beautiful women of the 21st century – Linkiest

10 Surprising Things To Do With Ripe Bananas – Better Homes

Why Won’t My Dog Stop Licking His Paw?! – Dogster

Woman Walks Around In Body Paint All Day And No One Notices – Quirly Cues

10 Must-Have Apps For Your Smartphone to Survive Life – Radass

Top College to Freshmen: Don’t Expect Safe Spaces, Trigger Warnings – Newser

An Abandoned Orient Express Train Leaves Us In Awe As It Slowly Rots Away – Slip Talk

10 Good Reminders to Spend More Time with the Right People – Marc And Angel

Jessica Alba still looking good! – G-Celeb

Usain Bolt’s Rio Groupie Says His Dick Is Less Than Olympic Sized, ‘Male Parts Do Not Match’ – The Blemish

Marvel vs. DC : Comic Universe Battle – Gunaxin

16 Seriously Close Calls and Near-Disasters – Regretful Morning

Interesting facts about Cities in the United States (30 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

Mind Blowing Stuff That Will Blow Your Mind – Bro My God

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Cool Links Of The Day

August 24, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

65 travel experiences to have while you’re alive and breathing – Leenks

A Few Answers To Questions You Always Wondered About – Caveman Circus

Clever Seal Goes to Desperate Lengths to Dodge Killer Whales – Newser

The Best Hacks For Getting Rid Of Weeds In Your Lawn – Better Homes

45 beauty tips from people who make celebs look stunning – Linkiest

I Bought a Couch Just For My Dog – Dogster

6 Toxic Relationship Habits Most People Think Are Normal – Thought Catalog

Brutal But Deserving Punishments That Rapists Get In Different Countries – Quirly Cues

He Turned A $50 Mobility Scooter Into A Tiny Jeep For His Daughters – Slip Talk

Emilia Clarke, Charlotte McKinney and Other Random Ladies – G-Celeb

If Only Adults Could Say The Hilarious Insults Kids Get Away With (30 Photos) – Radass

Cat allows dog to clean her in the spots she can’t reach, and it’s adorable – Rare

18 Ridiculous Luxury Home Movie Theaters – Regretful Morning

Courtney Cox Regrets All the Work She’s Done to Her Face – The Blemish

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Cool Links Of The Day

August 22, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

12 Confessions All True Introverts Will Relate To But Never Admit – Linkiest

A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos And Videos – Caveman Circus

10 Surprising Things To Do With Ground Beef – Better Homes

Ryan Lochte loses all four major sponsors in one day – Newser

Treat Your Dog to These Fruits — and Keep These Others Away – Dogster

Katie Couric Cuts Her Own Salary To Save Jobs At CBS – Quirly Cues

Hilarious Dogs Who Go Coo Coo For Bubbles – RantPets

The New Supergirl is a cutie – G-Celeb

Michael Phelps’ New Mansion is Sick and of Course it Has an Amazing Pool (9 Photos) – Radass

Bill Murray was up to his usual antics when he stopped by an airport for a bite to eat – Rare

Behold! The World’s Greatest Gallery of Hamster Butts! – Leenks

He Sent His Wife Away For 5 Days So He Could Give Their Backyard An Extreme Makeover. The Result Is Stunning – Slip Talk

17 Olympic Face Fails to Say Farewell to Rio 2016 – Regretful Morning

‘Let Me Live’: Ariel Winter at Instagram Haters – The Blemish

The Most Dominating Countries in Summer Olympic Sports – Gunaxin

You should probably rephrase that differently (16 Photos) – Bad Sentinel


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Cool Links Of The Day

August 19, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

A Few Clips Guaranteed To Make You Feel Better About Life – Caveman Circus

29 Bizarre Facts That Are So Weird You’ll Be Thinking About Them All Day – Linkiest

How To Create A DIY Backyard Movie Theater – Better Homes

The Most Emotional Photos From The Rio 2016 – Leenks

This Dog Went Running Through The Woods With A Camera And May Have Just Captured Footage Of Bigfoot – Slip Talk

How 5 Dog Breeds See Heaven – Dogster

The Olympians Who Refuse To Age – Digg

After Her Boyfriend Called Her Ugly, She Wrote Something Amazing on Facebook – Quirly Cues

Tights Battle: Elle Fanning vs. Emma Roberts – G-Celeb

This dog is everybody’s best friend when they’ve had one too many – Rare

That Friday Feeling (30 Photos) – Radass

If You’re Too Busy For These 5 Things: Your Life Is More Off-Course Than You Think – Medium

18 WTF Google Search Suggestions – Regretful Morning

Incredible makeup transformations that will blow your mind (32 Photos) – Bad Sentinel=

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Cool Links Of The Day

August 17, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

17-Year-Old With Cancer Just Made A Very Powerful Statement After Losing Her Hair – Bored Panda

A Few Answers To Questions You Always Wondered About – Caveman Circus

2,000 Passengers Share Their Biggest Traveling Pet Peeves – Linkiest

How to Have a Truly 5-Star Walt Disney World Experience – Just Luxe

Selena Gomez, Scarlett Johansson and Other Random Ladies – G-Celeb

1970s Was a Terrible Decade For Male Fashion – Leenks

Understanding Loneliness in Your 20s & 30s – Capitol Standard

7 Things Men Secretly Love About Women – Quirly Cues

The Amount Of Work It Takes To Make The 2016 Olympic Medals Is Seriously Impressive – Slip Talk

This mountain-hoppin’ goat is considered a national treasure in China – Rare

Accidental Olympic Censorship of Divers Makes it Look Like A Giant Naked Party (37 Photos) – Radass

Tattoos Are Made Sexier with Girls – Bro My God

The 22 Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces – Ranker

Japanese Olympic Pole Vaulter Betrayed By Own Penis – The Blemish

Ranking the USA Men’s Basketball Olympic Teams – Gunaxin

16 Stupid but Funny Billboards – Regretful Morning

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Cool Links Of The Day

August 16, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

Funny Dog Pics Before And After A Bath – Leenks

Confessions Of An Adult Baby – Caveman Circus

This Is What Going To The Gym Looked Like Way Back In 1892 – Linkiest

7 Surprising Things That Raise Your Dementia Risk – Retirement Improved

The Italian Coast Guard Found A Kitten Drowning In The Ocean And Rushed To Save Its Life – Slip Talk

Have you ever seen anything as cute as this purple “googly-eyed” squid spotted off the California coast? – Rare

Ruby the Pit Bull Puppy Gets Life-Changing Cleft Palate Surgery – Dogster

This Is How Much Olympic Athletes Make After Winning Gold – Quirly Cues

I Do What I Want – Bro My God

Live Blog: I’m Breaking Up With My Cheating Boyfriend Via Text Right Now, Here Are Photos Of The Conversation – Thought Catalog

Anastasia Ashley Bikini Photos in Miami Beach – G-Celeb

90 Year-Old Dick Van Dyke Sings “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” at a Denny’s – Radass

This is Your Life in Silicon Valley – Medium

The Fappening Part Two Seems To Be Happening of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

17 Photos of Elderly People Who Are Way Cooler Than You Are – Bro My God

Yoga pants so fine even Obama approves this message (28 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

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Cool Links Of The Day

August 15, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

High School Cross Country Team Takes Lonely Shelter Dogs On Their Morning Runs – Caveman Circus

Scientists have worked out the ten qualities that make us less attractive – Linkiest

20+ Of The Oldest Dogs Adopted By People With The Biggest Hearts – Leenks

Ryan Lochte Robbed at Gunpoint in Rio – Newser

A paralyzed woman walked down the aisle at her wedding and shocked everyone – Rare

With The Olympics In Full Swing, People Are Disgusted With What The Conditions In Rio Right Now – Slip Talk

Take Your Dog Out to the Ballgame – Dogster

This Is What An 80-Carat Engagement Ring Looks Like – Quirly Cues

12 People Who Overcame Brutal Bullying to Find Huge Success – Ranker

It’s The Little Things In Life That Matter Most (30 Photos) – Radass

The 18 Funniest And Clever Tip Jars Ever – Bro My God

How To Make The Best Burger At Home – Better Homes & Gardens

Here’s Everything We Know About Justin Bieber’s New Underage Girlfriend – The Blemish

It’s fashion, look it up – Regretful Morning

Alessandra Ambrossio Bikini Photos in Ibiza – G-Celeb

The Horror that is Synchronized Swimming – Gunaxin

That feeling you get when everything is oddly satisfying (26 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

30 Guys Reveal The Things Girls Think They Don’t Notice, But They Actually Do – Thought Catalog

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