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Kids Read Books to Cats at Animal Rescue

August 5, 2015 | No Comments » | Topics: Animals, Cats, Uplifting |

book buddies cat shelter reading program

Cat lovers, brace yourselves. The Animal Rescue League of Berks County’s is running a beautiful “Book Buddies” program, that has kids grade 1 to 8 come into the shelter to read to the cats, with organizers saying that it serves a dual purpose of soothing the cats and upping the kids’ reading levels. The program reportedly got its start after a staffer had her son practice his reading skills while spending time at the shelter. Staff members took note and like it so much that it became a regular volunteer program. Since the project was launched in August 2013, many children (including home-schooled and autistic) who participated in Book Buddies have shown significant improvements in their reading. The Berks County ARL accepts donations through their site.They are also on FacebookTwitter,YouTube and Pinterest.

book buddies cat shelter reading program


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Homeless Dog Found On The Road Undergoes Amazing Change Through The Love Of Kind Strangers

August 5, 2015 | No Comments » | Topics: Animals, Dogs, Uplifting |

This is Kelsey. She was found on the side of the road in very bad condition.

amazing dog rescue stories


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Husky Dog Mothers Rescue Kitten and Raises Her Like a Pup

July 30, 2015 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Animals, Uplifting |

Rosie the kitten was just 3 weeks old when she was found near the brink of death by a trio of sisters: Thi Bui, Thoa Bui, and Tram Bui.

Luckily, the sisters rescued the little kitty from the streets, but she was very weak and it wasn’t clear she would survive. That’s when a very special husky stepped in to save the day.


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Adorable Dog Was Born With No Eyes But Still Manages To Work As a Therapy Dog

July 29, 2015 | No Comments » | Topics: Animals, dog, Uplifting |


Meet Smiley, a Golden Retriever born without eyes and raised in a puppy mill. Despite being born blind, Smiley is so happy and motivated that he has now found a new purpose in life as a therapy dog for the mentally ill and disabled.

And almost 10 years later, the certified therapy dog continues to bring joy to every room and to those struggling to fight depression, illness or disability.


Dog trainer Joanne George, Smiley’s owner, had a veterinarian sew up the pup’s eyelids soon after she brought him home in 2004.



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This Photo Of Two Dogs Hugging Saved Them From Certain Death

July 23, 2015 | No Comments » | Topics: Animals, Dogs, Uplifting |

dogs hugging saved

Exactly 2 hours and 6 minutes – that’s how long it took an amazing community of animals lovers to come together to save the lives of two canine friends.

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue posted a photo of Kala and Keira appearing to hug. The touching photo was accompanied by a heart-wrenching message from the perspective of Kala.

“I’m Kala. This is Keira. We’re so scared in here. The people working in the shelters see how scared we are but just told each other that today is our deadline. We have to have someone rescue us or we’ll be ‘next.’ Keira is black and not a ‘real boxer,’ just a mix. She’s so brave and tells me it will be okay no matter what happens. She tells me to be brave too but I don’t know if I can be. Can you see our faces. Keira knows what will happen. You can see it in her eyes. She’s putting on a brave face for sure but I can feel her heart beating fast while I’m clinging to her. If no one saves us, someone will take her away from me. I’ll see her as she goes down the hallway. She won’t come back and I’ll cry. They’ll come for me next and I won’t be as brave. We’ve comforted each other while we were here. She gave me hope when I had none. Now it’s over. Unless…”

The post received over 700,000 likes and over 10,000 shares on Facebook. A few hours later, Angels Among Us posted this awesome update:

“THEY ARE SAFE!!! There are no words to tell you how happy we are that these two best friends are safe and together! Thank you for your shares, donations and offers! Just look at these two!!! This is why we rescue.”

hugging dogs rescued

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A Golden Retriever Left To Die Alone Is Rescued. He’s Now The Happiest Dog In The World

July 22, 2015 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Animals, Dogs, Uplifting |

Meet Bran, a Golden Retriever who was found after being abandoned and living in the woods outside of Atlanta alone for three months. Somehow he survived long enough to be rescued by his awesome new owner who shared this incredible story of one dog’s rescue from near death to possibly the happiest dog on Earth. If you’re looking for a dog this holiday season head down to the dog shelter and look around.


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This Husky Was Raised By Cats And Acts Like A Cat

July 22, 2015 | No Comments » | Topics: Animals, Dogs, Uplifting |

Redditor Dong_of_justice “got a bit famous” after he shared some pics of his husky named Tally on Reddit. It is not an ordinary husky, the dog was “raised with cats, and thought she was.. cat herself. “

“She’d piss on our floors if we ever did something wrong as well. She also had a knack for finding the best worst places to do it (i. e. carpets, rugs, etc.). She also sat like a cat, with her arms and legs tucked under herself.” 

Actually, Tally is not completely a husky. According to her owner, “she’s husky/malamute/little bit of something else. She actually looks and behaves more like a malamute (which are also a bit cat-like), but most people don’t know what they are so I go with “husky”.

Unfortunately,the redditor doesn’t provide any cat pictures in his album. ”She was raised with cats by her previous owners, and they only gave me puppy pictures without the cats. I can’t prove she was raised with them or that she truly thinks she’s a cat,” explains the dog’s owner.


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Guide Dog Jumps In Front Of Oncoming Bus To Save Blind Owner’s Life

July 15, 2015 | No Comments » | Topics: Animals, Uplifting |

funny pictures and videos of the day

A suburban New York canine named Figo helped redefine the term "service dog" this week, when he reportedly jumped in front of a bus to save his owner from more serious injuries. His blind owner, 62-year-old Audrey Stone, had gone for a walk Monday morning with Figo when a bus came barreling down the street. Figo’s protective instincts kicked in and jumped in front of Stone to take the blow, witnesses said.

Stone suffered a fractured elbow and ankle, three broken ribs, and a cut to her head in the accident, while Figo suffered a deep cut to his right leg. Paul Schwartz, who witnessed the accident, said Figo tried desperately to be near his owner while paramedics attended to her.

"He sat with me the whole time. He was limping as we put him on a big blanket on the sidewalk and it started to rain. He let us wrap up his leg without any problem,"  "He wasn’t barking or crying or yelping. But he kept pulling toward her. After she was put on a gurney and taken away, he stopped doing that. He seemed a little lost after she left."

Stone is being treated in the hospital while Figo was taken to a local vet for surgery. Middlebranch Veterinary Hospital says the hero retriever is now "resting comfortably and doing extremely well."

funny pictures and videos of the day


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This Couple Quit Their Jobs And Sold Everything, Just To Travel The World With Their Cat

July 6, 2015 | No Comments » | Topics: Animals, Uplifting |

A young couple decided to quit the rat race and gave up their jobs to sail around the world – despite never having set foot on a sailing boat before.

Matt and Jessica Johnson, both 32, decided to give up their ‘American Dream’ and purchased a boat in 2008.

After practicing for three years, the duo were finally ready to set sail and drift into the sunset.

“Our lives were the typical American Dream. Go to school, get married, buy a house, start a career. So far we’ve also left out the part of having 2.5 kids,” the Grand Rapids, Michigan, couple told the Daily Mail. “For too long we had spent all of our weekends in front of the TV without ever doing anything productive or enjoyable. We realised this needed to change.”

Living off about $1000 USD per month. The Johnsons have visited 16 countries so far, including the Bahamas, Jamaica, Cuba and Peru; their cat Georgie, who knows  how to swim, has been travelling with them since 2012.

“She does very well with the sailing and is more steady on her feet than we are,” Jessica said. “She loves sitting on the deck and watching the fish over the side of the boat when we are at anchor. We found out she can swim when she jumped overboard in Grand Cayman. She swam around the back of the boat and climbed up the ladder.”



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