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The Unlikely Friendship Between A Fox And Dog

May 16, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Heartwarming |

pet fox is best friends with a dog

A pet fox and dog have become unlikely best buddies – in one of the cutest animal friendships of all time.

There have been all sorts of bizarre animal bonds that have formed over the years, like this protective lion who adopted an antelope as a ‘cub’ for instance.

And then there was Bella the black Labrador and Bubbles the African elephant, among others.

But while pet fox Juniper and Moose the Australian Shepherd might not be quite as an extraordinary mix, their relationship is definitely one of the most heartwarming.

Moose was adopted by owner Jessika when he was young, and when she bought Juniper home as a five-week old pup the pair instantly bonded.

Now they have formed an enduring relationship, and just love spending time together.

Jessika absolutely adores the cuddly pairing. But she has made a point to warn others that keeping a fox is waaaay harder than having a dog or a cat, and extra special care has to be taken to keep them healthy.

Luckily, Moose an Juniper’s friendship is being documented through Jessika’s Instagram page for Juniper so you can keep an eye out for updates as to how they’re getting on in the future.

pet fox is best friends with a dog


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Woman Adopts Dying Dog To Give Him The Happiest Final Days Ever

May 13, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Animals, Heartwarming |


When Nicole Elliot saw a photo of a senior dog with terminal cancer on her local animal shelter’s Facebook page, she knew she had to do something.

The Georgia woman decided to not only provide a home for Chester the terrier, but also to make sure his final days would be the best ones of his life.

“Before I went and got him, I decided to do a bucket list,” she told ABC News.

Elliot adopted Chester on June 27 and learned that the senior dog had undergone surgery to remove some of his tumors, but more had turned up. The dog’s owners had surrendered him to a high-kill shelter, and Animal Ark Rescue took Chester in before he could be euthanized.

In addition to cancer, Chester is also tested positive for heartworm, and veterinarians aren’t sure how much time he has left.

But regardless of how many days or weeks remain, Elliot is determined that Chester enjoy them.

Since his adoption, Chester has been to parks, eaten hot dogs and gone on a shopping spree for toys and treats.

“There are so many people that say animals don’t have souls like humans, but I feel like anybody who met Chester would see he does have a soul,” she said. “I think all animals should have a chance to have a happy life.”



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This Loyal Dog Refused To Leave Autistic Boy’s Side At The Hospital

May 11, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Dogs, Heartwarming |

dog goes to surgery with boy

Wherever James Isaac goes, Mahe follows – even into the boy’s hospital bed.
The 9-year-old is autistic and relies on the black labrador to keep him safe and calm. James does not speak and flinches from human touch and eye contact, but with Mahe things are different. He will curl up happily with Mahe.

dog goes to surgery with boy


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His Ex-Wife Took Everything With Her But The Dog, Then He Did This!

May 5, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Cute |

jimmy choo the bull terrier

Rafael Mantesso’s wife left him and took EVERYTHING on his 30th birthday…except this dog – A bull terrier named Jimmy Choo.

’With only Jimmy for company, I found inspiration in my blank walls and my best friend and started snapping photos of Jimmy Choo as he trotted and cavorted around the house in glee. When Jimmy collapsed in happy exhaustion next to the white wall, I grabbed a marker and drew a new world around my ginger-eared pup. Suddenly, I felt this long-dormant inspiration for drawing — for art, for life — returning,’ recounts Rafael.

The photos have now gone VIRAL: Rafael and Jimmy Choo have over 200,000 followers on Instagram!

jimmy choo the bull terrier


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Shelter Dog Who Cries All Day In His Kennel Has Reason To Hope Again

May 4, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Dogs |

Sometimes a glimmer of hope can weigh heavily on the soul. That’s what happened to a homeless dog who wouldn’t stop crying after he was adopted but returned to the shelter a few days later.

Juice is a Bullmastiff mix and a longtime resident at Montgomery County Animal Services & Adoption Center, having spent 10 months at the facility. The shelter recently a heartbreaking video of Juice and a plea to help find him a home.

“This is a really hard post for us, because it’s about a great dog who isn’t doing so well. This is a story about Juice: a cuddly, loving, giant-headed goofball who has been at the shelter for almost 10 months. And Juice really, really needs your help. Really.

“For a long time, Juice was the example we used as a dog who could manage the stress of shelter life without getting depressed. But in the past month that changed- he started to lose his confidence. Then he was adopted and we jumped for joy! But it wasn’t the right match, and after a couple of days he was back in his kennel, more stressed than ever. Staff started to notice him crying, panting, and pacing more often.

“One of our staff took him home for a “sleepover” this week to give him a break from the shelter and try to help him relax. But when she brought him back in the morning and put him back in the kennel, he started crying. And didn’t stop. All day.

“Living in a shelter is not a life, and we’re afraid that Juice is beginning to lose himself. He needs a home, where he can be himself and regain the confidence and trust that he has lost. He needs a family who will give him time and patience- we know that he’ll repay that kindness with incredible loyalty and endless snuggles.”



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This Couple Went To The Shelter To Donate And End Up Adopting A 17-Year-Old Dog

April 28, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Heartwarming |


A 17-year-old, grizzled stray, named Rocky, who has been in and out of a shelter since 2012 and a young woman, named Beth, had no idea where fate was leading them the day Beth strolled into the shelter loaded down with all kinds stuff of she had collected from her military community to donate to the shelter.

It was love at first sight and the next thing Beth knows is that she is walking out with Rocky. And while his age may show a bit physically, his spirit soars.



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Dentist Hires A Sweet Golden Retriever To Calm Nervous Patients

April 20, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Cute, Dogs |

golden retriever relieves anxiety at dentist office

Going to a dentist is something that definitely no one looks forward to, except maybe the ones that love the pain… But the majority of the people tries to delay those visits as long as they can. But, if your dentist works in the Pediatric Dentistry of Northbrook, Illinois, the teeth check up and any eventual procedure is actually a pleasant one. You are probably thinking “That is impossible!” The trick is that this dentist office has hired a very unusual assistant. No, it is not a super hot nurse in a mini skirt and a cleavage down to her belly button, but a 6-year-old Golden Retriever named Jojo.  This kind and gentle Retriever is actually a trained comfort dog, and she is the best when it comes to reducing the stress during the appointments.

golden retriever relieves anxiety at dentist office


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Motorcyclist Rescues Little Dog He Saw Being Beaten And Thrown To Side Of Highway

March 30, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Dogs, Heartwarming, Humanity |

It was just another day on the bike for Brandon Turnbow when he saw something he couldn’t believe: a man beating a little white dog on the side of the road.

It was just another day on the bike for Brandon Turnbow when he saw something he couldn't believe: a man beating a little white dog on the side of the road.

The man threw the dog down and took off. That’s when Brandon pulled over to check on the dog.

The man threw the dog down and took off. That's when Brandon pulled over to check on the dog.


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Rescue Pit Bulls Help Three Blind Cats Get Back On Their Feet

March 24, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Cute, Heartwarming |


When you need a helping hand sometimes it comes from the most unlikely of places. When 2 blind kittens, Bruce and Willis, and an older blind cat, Helen, were all brought to the Faithful Friends shelter no one expected that they would have seeing eye dogs. 


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Nearly Deaf Senior Dog Loses It When Owner Returns From Army

March 23, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Dogs, Heartwarming |

After returning home, a soldier reunited with her senior dog. The touching moment was captured on a video watched by millions of people.

Private Hannah Foraker left her home in Cleveland, Ohio in September to join the Army and begin basic training at Fort Sill in Oklahoma. She had never been away from her home for an extended time, or her beloved dog, Buddy.

So, when Foraker returned three months later after completing the training, she could hardly contain her excitement when she saw her 13-year-old golden retriever. And Buddy felt the same way. Despite suffering from arthritis and nearly deaf, the dog was still very over the moon.

“Buddy came running, as best as she could, out of the house, and said hello to everyone,” Foraker told KTLA. “At first she didn’t even realize I was there, but she did a double take and came bounding over to me whining nonstop in pure glee.”

The touching moment, which occurred last Christmas, was captured on tape and was recently uploaded to the web. To date, it has already been viewed more than 2 million times.

While the reunion was touching, it was also short. Foraker isn’t expected to return back to her home until next Christmas. She calls her elder dog a “fighter” and hopes she will be around when she returns home. In the meantime, Foraker interacts with her pup through Skype, telling the outlet:

“She doesn’t understand that her mommy is on the other side of the screen, but she can hear me (with the volume all the way up) and always perks her ears and starts wagging her tail.”

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