seal jumps on mans boat
Cute Seal Jumps Onto Boat And Demands Cuddles

19 dogs that don't care about your personal space
21 Dogs That Don't Care About Your Personal Space

Beautiful Story Of A Man Saving A Homeless Dog From Near Death

man saves dog from frozen lake
Man Smashes Through Frozen Lake To Save Stray Dog

What It Was Like Being A Rural Doctor In 1948

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February 11, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

UPDATE: Shelter Pup In His Sweater Nearly Loses Hope Of Finding A Home – Bark Post

Feed Your Brain With These Fascinating Facts – Caveman Circus

Shelter Dog Does A Dance When People Stop By Her Kennel – The Dodo

This Is The Infection Drainage Video That’ll Drive You Crazy – Linkiest

20 Iconic Movie Scenes That Nearly Killed Their Stars – Movies Talk

Young Man Saved a Shelter Cat, so the Cat Returned the Favor – Love Meow

Tinashe Showed Her Over & Under Cleavage for Complex – G-Celeb

Scientists Just Scanned The Inside Of This 1,000 Year-Old Statue. What They Found Is Baffling Everyone – Slip Talk

Billionaires are Extremely Worried that America’s Next Big Financial Crisis is Coming Soon – Stansberry Research

For parents of kids with special needs, Target’s newest shopping cart is a game-changer – Upworthy

40 Photos Taken a Split Second Before Disaster Hits – Radasss

Check out the $10,000 a Night Airbnb That Beyonce Chilled In After the Super Bowl – The Blemish

Pixee Fox had six ribs removed to achieve a 14-inch waist and look like Jessica Rabbit – Tosh

Funny subtitles are getting better and better these days (24 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

25 Photos That Will Make You Fall In Love With The Internet All Over Again – World Wide Interweb

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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

February 10, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

10 Answers To Questions You Always Wondered About – Caveman Circus

This Person Has Been Homeless And Hopped Trains Since They Were 18. And These 24 Photos Tell The Entire Story – Slip Talk

Confused Baby Can’t Figure Out Which Twin Is Her Dad – Quirly Cues

Weapons of Kim Jong Un’s Destruction? Old USB Drives – Newser

The 13 Most Insane Things Happening Right Now – Linkiest

22 Celebrities Who Practice Open Relationships – Celeb Romance

Woman Spent Thousands To Transform Into Disney Princesses  – Star Pulse

5 lessons from a 17-year-old genius who earns $30,000 a month – Business Insider

He was secretly homeless. When his town found out, they made him a miracle – Upworthy

25 Things About Life I Wish I Had Known 10 Years Ago – Medium

8 Ways Billionaires & Elite Athletes Perform at the Highest Level – The Hustle

If You Have Gas, Bloating, Constipation or an Upset Stomach Please Watch This – Probiotic America

26 Valentine Cards In-line With Reality – Radass

Ariel Winter Wore Her School Girl Skirt in Studio City – G-Celeb

Tesla Preparing To Charge Into Affordable Car Market – NPR

People Think Amy Schumer’s Boyfriend Is Using Her for Fame – The Blemish

Health conditions you probably never knew these celebs had (17 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

February 9, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

This Fireman Saved A Little Girl’s Life. 17 Years Later? She Does THIS To Thank Him – Quirly Cues

A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos And Videos – Caveman Circus

What This Couple Did After Buying This 139 Year Old Water Tower Is Beyond Epic – Slip Talk

Former Texas prosecutor disbarred for sending innocent man to death row – Newser

Illustrator Perfectly Captures The Beauty Of Single Life – Linkiest

A Neuroscientist Explains How He Found Out Meth Is Almost Identical to Adderall – VICE

10 Things Scientifically Proven To Make People Happy – Star Pulse

15 Celebrities That Have Killed People – Celeb Romance

17 Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Transgender – Buzzlie

Biker Sees Puppy Abandoned On Road And Knows Exactly What He Has To Do – The Dodo

The Daily Cute: Ten for Tuesday! – Parade 

Abby Champion Playing Beach Volleyball in Miami – G-Celeb

Why It Is So Important to Finish What You Start – Entrepreneur

Rugby Looks Like A Lot Of Fun – Tosh

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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

February 8, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

Dying Puppy Uses Her Last Bit Of Strength To Wag Her Tail As Rescuers Approach – Caveman Circus

Uninstalling Facebook app saves up to 15% of iPhone battery life – Newser

Guy Falls Asleep At Work, The Internet Takes Him On Photoshop Adventures – Linkiest

These 23 Photos Were Taken Right Before These Celebrities Died. I Can Hardly Believe It – Slip Talk

20 Rich Celebs Who Live A Surprisingly Humble Life – Holly Fame

25 Most Dangerous Cities In The World – Crave

30 Inspiring Quotes From Oprah Winfrey – Parade

Why now is the best time in history for U.S. homeowners to install solar panels – Solar America

17-Year-Old Pregnant Girl Has to Choose Between Delivery A Healthy Baby Or Dying – Quirly Cues

Playboy’s First Non-Nude Issue Features Sarah McDaniel on the Cover – The Blemish

Broncos fan spends $21,000 on Super Bowl tickets, doesn’t tell his wife (Video) – Bad Sentinel

Ariel Winter Looking Good for People Magazine – G-Celeb

How Wing Chun Helped Robert Downey Jr. Battle Addiction – Fightland

14 Minutes of Behind the Scenes Deadpool Footage (Spoilers) – Furious Fan Boys

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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

February 5, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

A Tribute To Man’s Best Friend – Caveman Circus

Playboy Model Dead of Stroke at 34 – Newser

The 5 Creepiest Foreign Versions of Disney Fairy Tales – Linkiest

Woman Crashes Her Own Funeral After Husband Paid To Have Her Killed – Quirly Cues

25 Photos That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity – Star Pulse

This Guy Lived In An IKEA Store For Two Days Without Being Caught. Here’s How He Did It – Slip Talk

4 Unique Ways to Let Go and Get Over Failure – Marc And Angel

Banned Navy Seal Flashlight Now Finally Available to the Public! – Protection Tips

20 Child Stars Whose Fame Nearly Killed Them!

20 Child Stars Destroyed By Fame – Box Office Scoop

Living Out of a Van is the New American Dream – VICE

Playboy’s First Non-Nude Issue Features Sarah McDaniel on the Cover – The Blemish

This guy bit through an entire coconut with just his teeth! – Tosh

Hillary Duff looking good in a bikini – G-Celeb

Creative shopping bags that are better than the average bear (28 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

I spent only $2 a day on food for a month — here are the 9 foods I bought to get the most for my money – Business Insider

Automakers in the age of extinction – The Verge

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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

February 4, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

Smiling 17-Year-Old Dog Gets Adopted – And Is ‘The Best Gift Ever’ For His New Mom – Bark Post

Feed Your Brain With These 15 Fascinating Facts – Caveman Circus

Here Are 23 Scary Signs That You’re Very Close To Becoming An Adult – Slip Talk

More Children Than Adults Can Figure Out Which Way This School Bus Is Going – Quirly Cues

10 People Reveal The Most Awkward Conversations They’ve Had With Their Parents – Linkiest

This Profound Tumblr Post Explains Why ’90s Kids Are Endlessly Obsessed With The ’90s – Thought Catalog

 20 Rare Dog Breeds That You Have Never Heard Of – Dog Notebook

This Simpsons Search Engine Is Amazing – Newser

10 Rock Songs Painted by a Woman Who Sees Music – Heavy Metal

Here’s Why the 8-Hour Workday Doesn’t Work – Entrepreneur

I Wonder How Many Bananas Amber Rose Has Eaten? – G-Celeb

Abby Champion Rocks a Bikini in Miami – The Blemish

25 Gorgeous Female Celebrities Who Are Bisexual – JellyShare

When a husband’s best efforts go completely wrong (17 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

February 3, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

The Exact Moment When Someones Day Changes From Good To Bad – Caveman Circus

Some GENIUS Created A Fast Casual Restaurant That Serves Sushi Burritos  – Quirly Cues

He Could Have Got Arrested For Doing This. But I Think It Was TOTALLY Worth It – Slip Talk

10 Little-Known But Extremely Terrifying Nazi Doctors – Linkiest

If You Have Gas, Bloating, Constipation or an Upset Stomach Please Watch This – Probiotic America

NFL’s 20 Richest Players Of All-Time – FanSided

Sarcastic Moms Put A More Honest Spin on Parenting Stock Photos (23 Photos) – Radass

20 South Park Facts You Can Tell People at Parties – TV Overmind

What Airplane Food Is Like In Economy Vs. First Class On 20 Airlines – Buzzfeed

A Mysterious Sniper Is Taking Out ISIS Commanders – Maxim

17 Oscar Nominated Movies You Can Stream Right Now – Wired

Ronda Rousey Wearing Nothing But Paint for Sports Illustrated – G-Celeb

People Share Their Most Hilarious Run-Ins With the Police – The Blemish

Classic Fails (50 Pics) – Regretful Morning

Pets who mastered the art of power napping (29 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

12 Dining Table Comparisons Between The World’s Rich and Poor – Wild Ammo

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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

February 2, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

Bill Gates Has A Machine That Turns Your Poop Into Something Completely Unexpected – Slip Talk

A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos And Videos – Caveman Circus

18 Photos Which Prove That Your Genes Are Amazing – Linkiest

How To Whiten Your Teeth With Turmeric – Quirly Cues

10 Funny dogs, chilling in the weirdest places you have ever seen – Husky Lovers

6 Reasons Why You Must Evaluate Your Failures – Entrepreneur

The Little-Known Secret to Resolving Credit Card Debt – Bills

10 Things Enormously Productive People Refuse to Do – Marc And Angel

15 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries in the World – First To Know

32 Meatless Sandwiches You'll Want Right Now

32 Meatless Sandwiches You’ll Want Right Now – Oh My Veggies

15+ Tiny Tattoo Ideas To Show You’re Secretly A Badass – Bored Panda

The Power of a Smile is Amazing (37 Photos) – Radass

Chrissy Teigen Busty in Her See-Through Top – G-Celeb

Chivalry, like so many white teenagers, died at Camp Crystal Lake that day – Tosh

Instagram Making Fun of Gourmet Food Was Run by Successful Canadian Chef the Whole Time – The Blemish

Multitasking is Killing Your Brain – Medium

Just Some Cute Geeky Girls To Make Your Day (15 Pics) – Classy Bro

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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

February 1, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

The Way Things Used To Be – Caveman Circus

10 Surprising Near-Death Experiences That May Change Your Beliefs – Linkiest

These Rare Photos Were Smuggled Out Of North Korea – Slip Talk

22 Of Hollywood’s Happiest Celebrity Couples – Celeb Romance

10 Stars Every Guy In The World Wants to Date – Crave

This Woman Is Paid Top Dollar In China To Be A Professional Panda Hugger! BEST JOB EVER! – Quirly Cues 

Hero Dog Saves Her Best Friend From Being Struck By A Speeding Car – Little Things

Model Responds to Unwelcome Dick Pics By Contacting Senders’ Girlfriends – Jezebel

The Best of the Red Carpet from the 2016 Screen Actors Guild Awards – Parade

Discover Your Weight-Loss Type To Quickly Get Rid Of Belly – Real Nutrition

Here’s Everything Coming and Going From Netflix in February (Full List) – Radass

More Pics of Ronda Rousey in Body Paint – The Blemish

Alexis Ren in Her Thong Bikini – G-Celeb

Mom Finds Son’s Sex Toy, Asks Twitter for Help – Regretful Morning

Tattoo Of The Week – Tosh

It’s great to couples still have that sense of humor (23 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

January 29, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

25 Before And After Photos Of Rescued Dogs – Caveman Circus

10 Most Shockingly Barbaric Holidays In History – Linkiest

The Paparazzi Quickly Paid The Price For Harassing These 14 Celebrities – Slip Talk

10 Movie Characters You Can’t Root for Anymore – Crave

We Visited Over 50 Countries With Our Van Spending Only $8 A Day – Bored Panda

This Poor Mountain Lion Who Was Chained For 20 Years Is Finally Set Free. Watch How He Reacts – Quirly Cues

The #1 “food” that CURES your E.D. problems (solved 94.3% of cases) – ED Conqueror

Alexandra Daddario Wore a See-Through Shirt – G-Celeb

How to Reprogram That Self-Deprecating Little Voice in Your Head – Entrepreneur

15 Celebs Who Have Aged Terribly – Celeb Romance

19 Hilariously Painful Apology Letters – Radass

Tiny Rhino Lost His Mom But Snuggles Up To His New Friend – The Dodo

Emily Ratajkowski Still Posting Hot Pics of Herself – The Blemish

Hip Hop Fame Ho Amber Rose Revels In Kanye FingerButt Scandal – Moe Jackson

These are the books students at the top US colleges are required to read – Quartz

Few examples that prove karma’s a b*tch (17 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

25 Tinder Profiles That Totally Nailed It – World Wide Interweb

How To Be A Good Friend To Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type – Thought Catalog

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