12 Adorable Clips That Will Surely Make Your Day

dog newborn photos
This Couple Took An Amazing Newborn Photoshoot…With Their Dog!

pictures that will put a smile on your face
16 Photos Guaranteed To Put A Smile On Your Face

Owl Gives Man That Saved Her Life A Big Hug

real life mowgli
Real Life Mowgli: Incredible Photos Of A Little Girl Who Grew Up Alongside Wild Animals in Africa

Cool Links Of The Day

March 8, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

30 Insane Pictures Depicting A Normal Day In Dubai

30 Insane Pictures Depicting A Normal Day In Dubai – Crave

16 People Explain Why They Want Bernie Sanders To Become President – Caveman Circus

25 Movies That Flopped But Became Cult Favorites – Movies Talk

10 Horrific Truths Behind Your Favourite Disney Movies – Linkiest

The 35 Most X-Rated Celebrity Sex Confessions Ever – Radar Online

These dogs would have been sold as meat if they stayed in South Korea, but then this happened – Husky Lovers

3 examples of what prosthetics used to be and a look into the future in motion – Upworthy

16 Cutest Baby Pigs That Ever Pigged – Rant Pets

The Government Will Pay For You To Live In This Town For Free. If You Can Stand The Catch – Slip Talk

Baby Elephant Runs Like A Puppy To Greet Her Favorite Person – The Dodo

Guy On Work Break Reunites Baby Bird With Family – Leenks

Sham Marriages Between Gay Men and Lesbians Are on the Rise in China – VICE

 J.J. Abrams Says 10 More ‘Star Wars’ in the Pipeline – The Blemish

An Open Letter to Those Who Have Lost Their Motivation – Marc And Angel

38 Photos Verifying Our Obsession With Pizza – Radass

Didn’t Ariel Winter Get a Breast Reduction? – G-Celeb

38 Pics of Raging Ronda Rousey – Regretful Morning

Meanwhile in India (30 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

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Cool Links Of The Day

March 7, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Uncategorized |

Life Has Its Share Of Beautiful Moments – Caveman Circus

Easily The Worst Parking Attempt Of The Decade – Leenks

15 Bengal Cats Even Dog Lovers Will Find Adorable – Rant Pents

Cool bed for dog owners – Husky Lovers

Ghost in the Shell, Starring Scarlett Johansson, Set for 2017 – Superhero Hype

15 Essential Horror Movies Since 2000 You Might’ve Missed – Linkiest

Top 15 Hottest Cosplays Of 2016! Number 6 Is Our Favorite – Buzzlie

Think This Treehouse Looks Awesome From The Outside? Just Wait Till You See The Inside – Slip Talk

18 Ridiculous First World Problems That’ll Make You Think Twice The Next Time You Bitch About Something Small – Radass

26-Year-Old Quits Her Job to Do Snapchat Full-Time – The Hustle

Kelly Rohrbach’s Red Hot Baywatch Swimsuit – G-Celeb

Drunk People Are Way Too Hilarious – Bro My God

First Shots of Alexandra Daddario in ‘Baywatch’ Movie – The Blemish

36 Ridiculously Hot Instagram Photos Of Valeria Orsini – Regretful Morning

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Cool Links Of The Day

March 4, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

Overweight Russian girl undergoes a dramatic transformation (15 Photos) – Leenks

10 Clips Guaranteed To Make You Feel Better About Life – Caveman Circus

This Fitness Model’s 8 Months Pregnant And Still Has Better Abs Than You – Linkiest

Think This Is Just A Normal Pizza Parlor? Well, You’re In For A Treat Then – Slip Talk

Cutest Animal Butts That Have Ever Wiggled – Rant Pets

Costco Raises Minimum Wage to at Least $13-to-$13.50 an hour – Bloomberg

‘Thank you for serving me when I didn’t vote for you’: A Republican writes the president after Obamacare saved his life – Quartz

Since the dog was too old to walk, his owner did this – Husky Lovers

This 1 Easy Exercise Destroys High Blood Sugar? – Simple Blood Sugar Fix

Bella Thorne’s Bikini Photoshoot in Malibu – G-Celeb

Colorado Movie Theater Shooter James Holmes Got the Shit Kicked out of Him in Prison – The Blemish

Netflix Will Fly You to Europe and Pay You $2k Weekly to Take Instagram Photos – Radass

Embarrassing Teenage Photos Of Famous Celebs (14 Pics) – Regretful Morning

The selfie obsession is turning into a frenzy (26 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

How You See Yourself vs How Your Dog Sees You – Bored Panda

The 50 Funniest Dog Memes Of All Time – World Wide Interweb

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Cool Links Of The Day

March 3, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

These Trailers Might Not Look Much From The Outside. But Step Inside And You’ll Love It – Slip Talk

11 Simple Recipes That Will Elevate Your Cooking Game To The Next Level – Caveman Circus

15 Photos That Prove Dogs Really Are Man’s Best Friend – Rant Pets

35 False ‘Facts’ That You Wrongly Believe (And 1 That You Should) – Linkiest

6 Dogs Who Are Way Better At Sports Than You – Dogtime

10 Life Essentials for Attaining a Truly Wealthy Life – Entrepreneur

I’m Fine Being Single, But I Feel Bad for My Dog – Dogster

Christina Ricci’s Bikini Photos in Miami – G-Celeb

Jared Fogle’s Life In Prison Is Reportedly A Living Hell – Uproxx

7 Universities In Europe That Are Free For Americans – MoneyFeedsMe

You’re Doing It All Wrong (29 Photos) – Radass

These guys turned down $10B From Amazon – The Hustle

What do you think of the new Ghostbusters trailer? – The Blemish

Shelter Dogs Serve As ‘Ball Boys’ At Brazil Tennis Open – Bored Panda

40 Bieber-Free Pics Of Selena Gomez – Regretful Morning

Rare Footage Shows Intimate Moment Between Mother Whale And Her Calf – The Dodo

Golden Cocker Retriever Temperament: What To Look For – Puppy Toob

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Cool Links Of The Day

March 2, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

When Natural Disaster Struck, This Dog Proved How Truly Special The Bond Between Pet And Owner Is – Rant Pets

20 Fascinating Photos Collected From History – Caveman Circus

36 Disney Parks Secrets You May Not Know About – Ranker

17 Men Over 40 Who Look Ridiculously Good For Their Age – Linkiest

Weird Facts to Impress People At Your Next Party (35 Photos) – Radass

Man Risks His Life to Save Dogs From the Meat Trade in Asia – Dogster

Prepare for a Financial 9/11 – Wall Street Daily

This Tree In California Is So Huge That It’s Never Fit Into A Single Photo Until Now. And It’s AWESOME – Slip Talk

Meet Swimsuit Rookie Bojana Krsmanovic – G-Celeb

These 10 animals want to make sure you are having a good day – Husky Lovers

Reese Witherspoon Now Has to Wear a One Piece – The Blemish

40 Hot Instagram Pics Of Laci Kay Somers – Regretful Morning

Chinese Knockoff Products: Well at least you tried (25 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

Five Surprising Things You Couldn’t Show in Movies in 1927 – Gunaxin

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Cool Links Of The Day

March 1, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

90-Year-Old Forgoes Cancer Treatment To Travel The Country In An RV – Caveman Circus

10 Unusual Forms Of Propaganda Actually Used By Governments – Linkiest

The 10 Most Right-Swiped Jobs on Tinder – Newser

When You See What These 25 Soldiers Did To Animals, Your Face Will Hurt From Happiness – Slip Talk

The Most Shared Photos Ever on Facebook According to Google – World Wide Interweb

29 Celebrities As They Aged Over The Years – Radass

This smart dog was able to figure out this tricky game. Good job fella – Husky Lovers

One Big Reason Your Life Is Harder (And Busier) Than It Has To Be – Marc And Angel

I Think Dog-Sharing Apps Are Dangerous – Dogster

This Could Sink The Retirements of Millions of American Citizens – Beyond The Dollar

You’ve been storing your food all wrong — here’s how to keep fruits, veggies, meat and dairy fresh for longer – Business Insider

Hunter King should definitely be on your radar of hotness – G-Celeb

“Full House” Reboot is Fuller Because of Jodie Sweetin’s Breasts – Regretful Morning

Katy Perry Stands By Dr. Luke, Calls Kesha’s Lawsuit ‘Sour Grapes’ – The Blemish

Awesome birthday cakes that every 90’s kid would appreciate (21 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

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Cool Links Of The Day

February 29, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

Couple Renovates Old Church Bus Into Awesome RV Apartment – Radass

A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos And Videos – Caveman Circus

How Women Should Dress (According to Fashion Designers) – Linkiest

Emma Watson: I Pay to Learn About Sexual Pleasure – Newser

These dogs are trained to do what??? OMG Amazing – Husky Lovers

What This Guy Built In His Backyard Is Epic. WANT! – Slip Talk

10 Incredible Quotes To Guide Your Life – Medium

Jayde Nicole Wore a Thong Bikini in Cancun – G-Celeb

Did a caveman hold the key to curing cancer? See what scientists unearthed HERE. (Weird story.) – INH Research

Poll: 38% of Florida voters believe Ted Cruz could be the Zodiac Killer – UPI

A Hacker Shows How Easy It Is to Hack Someone’s Webcam and Secretly Take Photos of Them – The Hustle

Oh Yeah…That’s How Hot Lily Aldridge Is – The Blemish

5 Excuses I Use for Not Brushing My Dogs’ Teeth – Dogster

30 Pics of Ample Alison Tyler – Regretful Morning

Kind Man Buys Turtles From Food Market And Takes Them Straight To The Sea – The Dodo

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Cool Links Of The Day

February 26, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

12 Clips Guaranteed To Make You Feel Better About Life – Caveman Circus

This ‘Miserable Men’ Instagram Is Literally Every Man Waiting On A Woman – Linkiest

The 10 Happiest Places in the US – Newser

How To Ignore The Asshole In Your Mind – Medium

This Huge Mansion Is For Sale For Nearly Nothing But No One Is Buying It For A Very Haunting Reason – Slip Talk

Read your dog’s body language considering these 8 easy signs – Husky Lovers

8 Ways Having Cats Makes Me Appreciate My Dogs More – Dogster

SeaWorld Admits To Spying On Animal Activists – The Dodo

When Your Mom is an Epic Photographer (24 Photos) – Radass

Katy Perry looking sexy while performing – G-Celeb

8 Ways Having Cats Makes Me Appreciate My Dogs More – Dog Channel

40 Drool-Worthy Pics Of Natalia Vodianova – Regretful Morning

6 Stress-Reducing Rituals Successful People Live By – Marc And Angel

Get Detailed Analysis on Over 15,000 Stocks Free For 14 Days – Market Trend Signal

Awesome body hacks you could use to enhance your life (17 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

Five Steps to Ruin Your Wedding – Gunaxin

This new grocery store concept in Denmark found a brilliant way to profit from a huge waste – Business Insider

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Cool Links Of The Day

February 25, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

Meet The World’s Oldest Cat Aged 26 Who Was Adopted From A Shelter – Bored Panda

Feed Your Brain With These 14 Fascinating Facts – Caveman Circus

Here are 37 Rare Photos From The Past You’ve Never Seen Before – Slip Talk

5 Reasons Your Dog Still Pulls When Walking on a Leash – Dogster

Meet the $100K-a-Year Garbage Collectors – Newser

6 Insane Prejudices People Have Based On How You Talk – Linkiest

Vet Rocks Puppy Like A Baby To Calm Her After Surgery – The Dodo

Four security cameras captured a tornado passing through Louisiana, and video footage doesn’t get more intense than this – Rare

This Jealous Husky Does The Most Amazing Thing To Get More Attention. LOL – Husky Lovers

Kid Uses Teacher for Sex and Xboxes, Then Ends up Suing Her – The Blemish

Everything you need to start an online busienss and sell products online – Shopify

Some Samantha Hoopes 2016 SI Swimsuit Goodness – G-Celeb

What did Bill and Melinda Gates tell a room full of teenagers from around the world? – Upworthy

42 Pics of Sinful Japanese Girls – Regretful Morning

9 Relationship Mistakes I Made In My 20s That I’ll Never Repeat – Thought Catalog

If Hollywood Made Movies The Internet Really Wanted To See – World Wide Interweb

Revenge ideas to apply on your cheating ex (30 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

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Cool Links Of The Day

February 24, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

This Loyal Dog Refused To Leave Autistic Boy’s Side At The Hospital – Caveman Circus

You are the best dog owner ever. Here are 8 Signs that prove it – Husky Lovers

Let’s Get Behind Programs That Help Low-Income Families Keep Their Pets – Dogster

10 weird things you’ll only see in Florida – Rare

These Old Mental Asylum Photos Will Make You Glad You’re Living In The 21st Century – Linkiest

Ruthless Companies Who Lied, Spammed, and Deceived Users to Grow Their Company in The Early Days – The Hustle

If you worry that your memory is getting worse, eat this 1 food now – Nutrition and Healing

7 secrets to raising awesome, functional teenagers – Upworthy

What These Kids Discovered Left By Their Grandpa Over 50 Years Ago Is Unreal… And Worth More Than $15 Million – Slip Talk

Now You Can Buy A Little Donald Trump For Your Cat To Scratch – The Dodo

Jeremy Piven is a Creeper and Won’t Stop Texting Ex-Girlfriend – The Blemish

How emotionally intelligent people handle criticism – Business Insider

Bella Thorne’s Side View Booty – G-Celeb

Terry Crews Gets Real About His Former Addiction to Porn – The Blemish

The most chillest lizards you will ever see – Tosh

Top 5 Most Expensive Basketball Sneakers of All Time – Classy Bro

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