cute big dogs and babies 6
One Of The Greatest Gifts You Can Give To Your Child Is The Companionship Of A Dog

funny notes from kids
39 Hilariously Honest Notes From Kids Just Trying To Say How They Really Feel

An 87 Year Old College Student Named Rose

turkish couple fed the needy on the wedding day
This Turkish Couple Spent Their Wedding Day Feeding 4,000 Syrian Refugees

happiest facts of all time
41 Of The Happiest Facts Of All Time

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January 29, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

25 Before And After Photos Of Rescued Dogs – Caveman Circus

10 Most Shockingly Barbaric Holidays In History – Linkiest

The Paparazzi Quickly Paid The Price For Harassing These 14 Celebrities – Slip Talk

10 Movie Characters You Can’t Root for Anymore – Crave

We Visited Over 50 Countries With Our Van Spending Only $8 A Day – Bored Panda

This Poor Mountain Lion Who Was Chained For 20 Years Is Finally Set Free. Watch How He Reacts – Quirly Cues

The #1 “food” that CURES your E.D. problems (solved 94.3% of cases) – ED Conqueror

Alexandra Daddario Wore a See-Through Shirt – G-Celeb

How to Reprogram That Self-Deprecating Little Voice in Your Head – Entrepreneur

15 Celebs Who Have Aged Terribly – Celeb Romance

19 Hilariously Painful Apology Letters – Radass

Tiny Rhino Lost His Mom But Snuggles Up To His New Friend – The Dodo

Emily Ratajkowski Still Posting Hot Pics of Herself – The Blemish

Hip Hop Fame Ho Amber Rose Revels In Kanye FingerButt Scandal – Moe Jackson

These are the books students at the top US colleges are required to read – Quartz

Few examples that prove karma’s a b*tch (17 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

25 Tinder Profiles That Totally Nailed It – World Wide Interweb

How To Be A Good Friend To Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type – Thought Catalog

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January 27, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

The Heartbreaking Story Of Kwan The Sun Bear – Caveman Circus

6 BS Excuses Developers Gave For Adding Boobs To Video Games – Linkiest

Here’s How To Win Monopoly Every Single Time (And Lose All Your Friends In The Process) – Imgur

32 Ugliest Cars of All Time – Carspoon

Here Are 13 Things That No One’s Ever Been Able To Explain. This Made My Hair Stand Up – Slip Talk

Some GENIUS Created A Fast Casual Restaurant That Serves Sushi Burritos – Quirly Cues

What To Do If Your Dog Gets Bitten By Another Dog – The Dodo

Lifeless Kitten Found on Doorstep Turned Around by Love –

30 People Having a Worse Day Than You – Radass

Ariel Winter Got a Breast Reduction at 17 Due to Physical Pain and Industry Bullying – The Blemish

This dog really did not want a bath LOL! – Tosh

Mariah Carey’s Giant Boobs to Match Her Giant Rock – G-Celeb

Rita Ora looking sexy – Moe Jackson

Unwanted Rescue Dog Catches George Clooney’s Attention, Hits Adoption Jackpot – Bark Post

32 Smokin’ Hot Throwbacks of Julia Ann – Regretful Morning

1 Easy Exercise That Destroys High Blood Sugar – Blood Sugar Fix

10 Hot & Sexy Photos of Daisy Ridley – Classy Bro

Gym fails are the best fails (30 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

The 20 Worst Moments In Selfie Stick History – World Wide Interweb

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January 26, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

15 Craigslist Ads A Crazy Dog Person Would Totally Write – Bark Post

Fascinating Photos Of 1960’s Afghanistan – Caveman Circus

‘Creepy’ Search Engine Taps Into Private Webcams – Newser

5 Dumb Things Every Kid Thinks (Science Says Are True) – Linkiest

10 Stars Every Guy In The World Wants to Date – Crave

20 Pieces Of Advice From Old People To Help You Live Life To The Fullest – Quirly Cues

This Guy Spent 3 Years Building This In His Backyard. And It Was Worth Every Second – Slip Talk

How to Wake up at 5AM and Build Your Startup – Medium

Navy Seal Flashlight Now Finally Available to the Public! – X800

You Might Like This Charlotte McKinney GQ Mix – G-Celeb

The Top 16 Sports Movie Villains of All Time – TV Overmind

8 technologies Volvo will use to make ‘death proof’ cars by 2020 – Business Insider

10 Child Actors Who DIDN’T Implode From Early Fame – Snakkle

The Definition Of The Word ‘Confidence’ – Tosh

Inside the World’s Most Dog-Friendly Office – INC

There’s a Twitter Account Now That’ll Match You To Your Dog Doppelgänger And It’s Magnificent – Radass

A 112-year-old woman claims the secret to a long life is to smoke 30 cigarettes a day – Regretful Morning

Selena Gomez Films Herself Naked Clutching Stuffed Animal – The Blemish

Amazing facts that you’d love to read about (36 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

January 25, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

A hearty helping of motivation to help you get through the week – Caveman Circus

15 Guys Eloquently Describe How It Feels To Get Hit In The Balls – Linkiest

This Man’s Reaction To Receiving A New Puppy After His Was Killed Will Break Your Heart! – Quirly Cues

No Health Insurance, No Problem – The Hustle

12 Horrifying Photos of the Tech Industry Apple Never Wants You to See – Uncut

This Guy With No Arm Started Welding Scrap Metal Together. The Final Result? INCREDIBLE – Slip Talk

The President’s Private Stock Market – Oxford Club

Stop Being a Romantic Idiot and Get a Prenup – OZY

26 Highest (Per Episode) Paid TV Actors of All Time – Binged Watch

Ariel Winter Stops For Starbucks In Beverly Hills – Moe Jackson

6 Steps to Eliminate Self-Doubt (and Trust Yourself Again) – Marc And Angel

Man Replaces Dead Eye with Live Camera – Regretful Morning

Antonella Roccuzzo’s (Messi’s Wife) Various Bikini Photos – G-Celeb

J. Lo’s Booty Too Powerful, Bursts Through and Rips Her Pants – The Blemish

The 10 Pasta Commandments, with Chef Michael White – First We Feast

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January 23, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

10 Clips Guaranteed To Make You Feel Better About Life – Caveman Circus

Gay Men Touch A Vagina For The First Time, But Wait Until You See How They React! – Quirly Cues

15 Celebrities Who Never Quite Made It Big… Why? – Celebrity Gossip

If you’re thinking about getting solar panels for your house to save money, read this! – Solar America

Here’s how much you’d have to earn to buy a house and live comfortably in 23 US cities – Business Insider

Students design affordable, beautiful homes that target mass-production at just $20,000 each – Inhabitat

10 People and Things Twinning So Hard – Tosh

17 simple steps you can take to help animals this winter – Upworthy

This 99 Year Old WWII Veteran Died Alone With No One To Attend His Funeral. But Then Kindness Took Over – Slip Talk

5 Timeless Ways to Turn Your Life Around at Any Age – Marc And Angel

Demi Lovato Plans to Show More Skin — ‘I Mean Business Now.’ – The Blemish

Christina Hendricks, Selena Gomez and Other Hot Ladies – G-Celeb

12 Childhood Tomboys Who Turned Into Hot Celebrities – Radass

Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green’s Awkward Reunion – Moe Jackson

Celebrity outfits that coincidentally look like every day things (24 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

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January 21, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

This is what rich movie buffs do with their disposable income – Slip Talk

Feed Your Brain With These 14 Fascinating Facts – Caveman Circus

Holy Cow…Cheerleading Has Reached A New Level! – Leenks

24 Things Women With Small Boobs Never Have To Worry About – Linkiest

Dog owners…Never ignore these 10 symptoms  – Husky Lovers

Celebrity Plastic Surgery That Went Horribly Wrong – NSter

Trophy Kids: Infuriating documentary about parents who are pushing their kids to be the next sports superstar – Vimeo

62 People Own As Much Wealth As Half The Global Population – Fast Company

25 Smokin’ Hot Photos of Ronda Rousey – Jelly Share

Abandoned Dog Was Left For Dead, But Her SHOCKING Transformation Brought Me To Tears! – Quirly Cues

Lingerie Thickness With Ashley Graham – G-Celeb

How Parks and Recreation Out Officed The Office – TV Overmind

Oh, Canada! 42 Pics of Natalie Gauvreau – Regretful Morning

Probably the nicest weigh-in between two UFC fighters in all of weigh-in history! – Tosh

Ronda Rousey Gave a Simple Message to the Haters – The Blemish

Girls on bikes are worth the view (36 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

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January 20, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

Dying Puppy Wags Her Tail As Rescuers Approach – Husky Lovers

10 Answers To Questions You Always Wondered About – Caveman Circus

5 Failures You Need to Experience If You Want to Succeed In Life – Marc And Angel

Going Inside Any Of These Caves Would Be An EPIC Experience. This Is Awesome – Slip Talk

15 Celebrity Women Who Have Aged Gracefully – Pop Hitz

Teen Stops The Car To Shovel Snow For Man Using A Walker – Quirly Cues

The Evolution Of Kim Kardashian Over The Years (Gallery) – Snakkle

How To Read 100 Books A Year – Medium

Welcome To The World’s Most Disturbing Religious Festival – Linkiest

Dog Is Not Allowed On Bed…Too Funny! – Leenks

The Best GIFS of Sofia Vergara on Modern Family – TV Overmind

Sophie Turner Social Media Photos For You Mofos – G-Celeb

Sassy Squirrel Repeatedly Comes To Door Demanding Peanuts – The Dodo

The 50 Greatest Celebrity Face Fusions Ever (Gallery) – World Wide Interweb

Illogical movie mistakes that you probably never noticed (25 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

Hangover Free Booze Coming Soon to North Korea – Regretful Morning


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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

January 19, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

Abused And Starving Dog Makes Incredible Recovery Thanks to Caring Rescuers – Caveman Circus

9 More Viral Photos That Are Totally Fake – Linkiest

Guy On Work Break Reunites Baby Bird With Family – Leenks

The Kindness of One Target Employee is a Reminder To Us All to Have Patience – QuirlyCues 

A psychologist reveals the best ways to avoid getting conned – Business Insider

Chain Restaurant Workers Reveal What You Should Never Order – Thrillist

These 10 blind dogs will make your day a little better – Husky Lovers

The 4 People Who Will Help You Achieve Your Goals- Entrepreneur

Cheap Weddings Lead to Fewer Divorces – The Hustle

15 Quotes That Make Us Love Betty White – Parade

Check Out These Never Before Seen Woodstock Photos From 1969 – Viral Boom

Top 20 Greatest Kept Hollywood Secrets Of All Time – Holly Fame

Nadia Forde Looks Great in a Bikini – G-Celeb

5 Fast Facts About Model Devon Windsor – The Blemish

35 Goth Girls to Warm Your Cold Nights – Regretful Morning

Why Giving Pets Away On Craigslist Is A Terrible Idea – The Dodo

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January 18, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

15 Tiny Towns that are Too Good to be True – Leenks

31 Stunning Photos Of The Human Race – Caveman Circus

25 Unbelievable Stories of Survival in Hopeless Situations – Linkiest

Human Takes His Dog On Epic Adventures, Proves That Dogs Are The Best Travel Buddies – Bored Panda

An Open Letter to Those Who Think Their “Life Sucks” – Marc And Angel

The Force Awakens screenplay – Tarrisse

5 Keys to Turning Your Side Hustle Into a Successful Business – Entrepneur

10 Surprising Facts About Iranian Culture – Listverse

The President’s Private Stock Market – Oxford Club

Celebs that might have taken a sip from the fountain of youth (27 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

25 Worst Movies Ever Made – Movies Talk

Activists are celebrating as the world’s biggest ivory market officially closes its doors – Upworthy

Jessica Alba’s booty in Tights – G-Celeb

Amy-Jane Brand — Any Girl with Two First Names Is Always a Handful – The Blemish

How Apple Is Giving Design A Bad Name – Fast Company

Why Are Chinese Women Doing The Behind The Back Boob Grab? – Radass

Powerball Pretender Abuses GoFundMe, Good Nature, Common Sense – Regretful Morning

22 Tiny Things You Should Do For Yourself Every Single Day – Thought Catalog

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January 15, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

14 Clips Guaranteed To Make You Feel Better About Life – Caveman Circus

12 Things Being a Therapist Taught Me About Happiness – Thrillist

10 Craziest Wrestling Moments That Ever Happened Live – Linkiest

5 Scientific Reasons Why Women Just Won’t Go For The Nice Guys – Elite Daily

The 20 Sexiest Characters in Movie History [Photos] – Scribol

5 Stories Everyone Assumes Are In The Bible (But Aren’t) – Cracked

10 Ways You’re Making Your Life Harder Than It Has To Be – Thought Catalog

Unexpected Act Of Kindness Leaves Animal Rescue Group Stunned – The Dodo

Little Girl Boxer Is Going To Grow Up To Be The Next World Champion! – Leenks

Hannah Davis Rockin’ a Hawaiian Bikini Photoshoot – G-Celeb

Woman Spends Life Savings On Powerball, Makes GoFundMe To Get Her Money Back- The Blemish

21 new shows and movies on Netflix’s slate for 2016 – Daily Dot

Adele Carpool Karaoke Is Awesome! – YouTube

The #1 BEST trick to rapidly “FIX” your E.D. (try THIS tonight) – ED Conqueror

36 Pics of Soul Stealing, Lens Melting Redheads – Regretful Morning

“You’re showing too much cleavage” said no man ever (48 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

America’s 38 Essential Restaurants –

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