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Cats that look like pinup girls

hot babes
A post for all the book readers out there

Aerial photographs of beaches around the world

Beautiful portraits of people from around the world

Awesome Links Of The Day

July 31, 2014 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

20 Photos that will always cheer you up – World Wide Interweb

Lets Have A Moment Of Silence For All Those Put In The Friendzone Today – Caveman Circus

Awkwardly Posing Models – Knowd

30 Child Stars Who Died Young – Crowd Ignite

Why you should be careful about buying a ‘Canada’ shirt – Leenks

Watch Kobe Bryant Destroy Kids Who Tried to Play 1-on-1 Against Him (Video) – Complex

An Ingenious Plane Design That Makes Room for Your Carry-Ons – Linkiest

A damn fine collection of cute girls – Bro My God

This is what it looks like inside Germany’s former cocaine king’s birthday party – VICE

27 Sexiest Pics of Cosplay Queen Meg Turney – Radass

Google Takes Up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Fightland

Post Apocalyptic World: The Last of Us in Real Life (42 HQ Photos) – Classy Bro

This House Is Zombie-Proof – Hi-Consumption

Lindsay is your hot college coed of the day – Big 10 Tens

Lindsay Lohan Stuffed Herself in a One-Piece – The Blemish

There Will Be Blood (Full Movie) – Youtube

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Awesome Links Of The Day

July 30, 2014 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

Totally Relatable (31 Photos) – Caveman Circus

24 Images That Are Oddly Satisfying – Knowd

30 Completely Absurd Russian Dating Site Photos – Crowd Ignite

7 Signs She’s Just Not That Into You – Nick Notas

Busty Ludivine Kadri Sagna Bikini Photos – G-Celeb

Video: Orlando Bloom Punches Justin Beiber In The Face – Bro My God

Recap of the hottest fans of World Cup 2014 – Leenks

10 Ancient Cultures That Practiced Ritual Human Sacrifice – Linkiest

20 Cheerleaders Who Dated Athletes – Total Pro Sports

21 Google Search Fails That Will Destroy Your Faith In Humanity – World Wide Interweb

Here’s a great read. Quick. To the point. Possibly a needed slap in the face – Ryan Holiday

Girls of Instagram: Tianna Gregory (35 Pics) – Radass

Ahh I see what you did there (28 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

The 9 Most Calorie-Filled Chain Restaurant Meals Of 2014! – Consumerist

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Awesome Links Of The Day

July 29, 2014 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

20 Reasons Why I’m Hard To Live With – Radass

A Few Problems I Have With Religion – Caveman Circus

Creative Dad Turns Daughter’s Lunches Into Edible Masterpieces – Crowd Ignite

Kimberley Garner fills out a bikni nicely – G-Celeb

Anais Poulet is something amazing – Bro My God

10 Of The Most Hardcore Quotes In The History Of War – Linkiest

29 Genius Ways To Consume More Tequila – Leenks

Time For Some Perfect Booties (15 Sexy Photos) – Classy Bro

Karrueche Tran is in a bikini – Celeb Slam

Photo Tour Of Lego’s Factory And Design Headquarters – Super Compressor

The 20 Dirtiest Moments In Disney History – World Wide Interweb

Damn fine bikini babe at the beach – Double Viking

Boy Shorts and Booty Shorts, Yes Please (15 Pics) – Regretful Morning

Sylvester Stallone’s Wife Was in France – The Blemish

1968 Porsche 912 Is A Beautiful Car – Hi-Consumption

Chloe is your hot college coed of the day – Big 10 Tens

13 Things to Remember When Life Gets Rough – The Mind Unleashed

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Awesome Links Of The Day

July 28, 2014 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

16 Fun Facts About Space – Bro My God

Dr. Dre’s Letter to His Then GF, Now Wife Is the Best Thing You Will Read Today – Caveman Circus

The Best Cosplay from Anime Expo 2014 – Crowd Ignite

Model Poses Acted Out By Cats…LOL! – Knowd

You have to see this hot blonde coed – Big 10 Tens

7 Habits Of People With Remarkable Mental Toughness – Business Insider

14 Mind-Blowing Things You Need To Know About Threesomes – Linkiest

The Coolest Electronics from the 80s (15 pics) – Leenks

Famous chefs reveal their favorite fast-food chains and what they order – Thrillist

J-Lo’s 45th Cougar Birthday Fest – G-Celeb

15 Self Shooters Will Make Monday A Little Better – Regretful Morning

Strange or Sexy: 5 Burlesque Shows That Will Blow Your… Mind – Double Viking

Melanie Iglesias is The Best Thing to Come From MTV Possibly Ever (30 Pics) – Radass

The 20 Funniest Moments In 7-11 History – World Wide Interweb

This hot Sorority deserves your full, undivided attention – Big 10 Tens

Meet Ratchet Regi, the Ratchet Queen of the Gathering of the Juggalos – VICE

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Awesome Links Of The Day

July 26, 2014 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

Men 101: A Guide To Understanding The Male Species – Caveman Circus

The Seven Deadly Websites – Crowd Ignite

Dude Spends A Day Instagramming Like A Girlk. Hilarious – Knowd

The 101 Hottest Celebrity Instagram Pictures Of The Week – Guyism

Natasha Henstridge Got Thick – G-Celeb

Girls are squishy and we love squishy – Bro My God

10 Ways Sex Has Shaped History And Culture – Linkiest

Brazil makes contact with members of isolated tribe in Amazon – LA Times

20 Unimaginably Depressing Home Offices – Leenks

The Sexiest Social Media Pics of the Week – Celeb Slam

Terrifying Dolls Modeled After Young Girls Left Outside Eight Homes – Gawker

It’s Too Hot For Bras (15 Pics) – Regretful Morning

Another damn hot coffee shop girl – Double Viking

Girls of Summer Make Life Worth Living (46 Pics) – Radass

Time For Some Sexy Hardbodies (10 Pics) – Classy Bro

The 50 Funniest Wigger Photos Of All Time – World Wide Interweb

Check out the girls of this hot sorority – Big 10 Tens

A Near Perfect Copy of ‘The Expendables 3′ Leaked Online – The Blemish

The Lamborghini Countach is a badass car – Hi-Consumption

8 Ways To Increase Your Mental Strength – Addicted 2 Success

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Awesome Links Of The Day

July 24, 2014 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

The 51 Funniest Celebrity Prom Photos

The 51 Funniest Celebrity Prom Photos – Crowd Ignite

Photographer Captures Depressing Photos Of Animals Stuck In A Zoo – Caveman Circus

Voted The Hottest Sorority In America – Knowd

A little Cleavage never hurt anyone – Bro My God

Miss USA’s Welcome Home Cleavage – G-Celeb

10 Pop Culture Urban Legends That Turned Out To Be True – Linkiest

People who have officially run out of f**ks to give – Leenks

Mariah Carey…still hot or not? – Celeb Slam

32 Mindblowingly Hot Katy Perry Pics & GIFS – Radass

Damn fine babe taking a nice selfie – Double Viking

Corinthian Colleges Employee: “We Work For The Biggest Scam Company In The World” – Consumerist

Thursdays Are Now The Official Yoga Pants Day (15 Pics) – Regretful Morning

The 25 Dirtiest Mainstream Movie Titles Of All Time – World Wide Interweb

10 Drinking Games You Should Be Playing Right Now – Classy Bro

The 6 Best Roadbikes – Hi-Consumption

I’m sure some gaps will help us get through the day (35 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

Clare is your hot college coed of the day – Big 10 Tens

Why Kobe Bryant’s Work Ethic Is So Untouchable – Addicted 2 Success

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Awesome Links Of The Day

July 23, 2014 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

Women 101: A Guide To Understanding The Female Species – Caveman Circus

Tracy Morgan’s Crashed Van Photos Released by NTSB – Crowd Ignite

6 Dating Truths Men Need to Hear But Don’t Want to – Nick Notas

Mesh clothing on hot women is amazing – Bro My God

Crazy story about a Marine’s wife, who was unfaithful and turned up missing – LA Times

When Tinder Users Get Straight To The Point (32 pics) – Leenks

6 Real Martial Arts Tournaments Crazier Than ‘Mortal Kombat’ - Linkiest

Irina Shayk is flashy – Celeb Slam

Cute Busty Girls That Are Bursting Out (11 Photos) – Classy Bro

The Best of Shay Maria (51 Pics) – Radass

More Cute Girls in Tight Dresses (15 Pics) – Regretful Morning

Holy Crap…Nuff Said! – Double Viking

Real Life Sightings Of Super Mario – World Wide Interweb

Colorado Sells $19 Million in Cannabis in March: $1.9 Million Goes to Schools and Crime Down 10% – The Mind Unleashed

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Awesome Links Of The Day

July 22, 2014 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

These English Translations Fails Are The Funniest – Bro My God

Inside The World Of Japanese Love Hotels – Caveman Circus

Old People Know How To Party Too! – Knowd

31 Fools Attempting Incredibly Stupid Things – Crowd Ignite

Charlotte McKinney Just Put Kate Upon On Notice – Linkiest

The Sexiest Soccer Reporters of the World Cup – Leenks

Lupine Sagna is photogenic – Celeb Slam

The women of Brazil are ridiculous! – Radass

A Man Is Punctual: The Importance of Being on Time – The Art Of Manliness

10 More Photos of Arizona Hottie Brandi – Classy Bro

The 50 Funniest Summer Vacation Photos – World Wide Interweb

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Bras (15 Pics) – Regretful Morning

This sorority deserves your full, unpided attention! – Big 10 Tens

10 Things You Don’t Appreciate Your Parents For Until You’re An Adult – Thought Catalog

Only true gamers can relate to all this awesomeness (39 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

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Awesome Links Of The Day

July 21, 2014 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

26 Dirty Jokes Hidden In Kid’s Cartoons – Radass

A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos – Caveman Circus

Celebrities Who Have Aged the Worst – Crowd Ignite

The Craziest College Weekend In America – Knowd

Inside the life of a pro gamer – The Verge

10 Baffling Scientific Mysteries Of Everyday Things - Linkiest

Selena Gomez Swimsuit in St Tropez – G-Celeb

New internet craze…topless tour of the world – Leenks

Hot girls in tight dresses…nuff said – Bro My God

It’s LeAnn Rimes in a bikini – Celeb Slam

Damn fine bikini babe – Double Viking

Douchedom, EDM & Dance Music – Your EDM

25 shocking examples of corporate racism – World Wide Interweb

Burning Your Bra Is Something We Should Support – Radass

In your confrence, out of your league (50 photos) – Big 10 Tens

Holy Crap, Jessica Lowndes – The Blemish

Uh..one of you is not like the others (33 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

The FCC wants to let cities build their own broadband. House Republicans disagree – VOX

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Awesome Links Of The Day

July 19, 2014 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

Then vs Now (43 Photos) – Caveman Circus

The Greatest Resignation Letter Of All Time – Knowd

10 Movie Characters You Can’t Root for Anymore – Crowd Ignite

Photos from the Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash site, in Ukraine (warning: graphic images) – Linkiest

What Lesbians Think About Penises – Leenks

What exactly is in McDonald’s famous french fries? – Wired

Lena Gercke’s Sexy GQ Germany Spread – G-Celeb

Clothes are always optional – Bro My God

Time to Get Excited for Comic-Con (52 Cosplay Pics) – Radass

43 Hilarious The Simpsons Quotes – World Wide Interweb

11 Hottest Photos of Busty Model Chantel Zales – Classy Bro

Tribute To The Girls of Summer (15 Pics) – Regretful Morning

This hottie is super finnnne! – Double Viking

Man sends wife a spreadsheet of all the times she denied him sex – Daily Dot

Emily is your hot college coed of the day – Big 10 Tens

The 18 Most Amazing Caves In The World – Hi-Consumption

Why the FCC Will Ignore Your Net Neutrality Comment and Listen to ISPs Instead – Motherboard

Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls (26 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

Gisele Bundchen Made $128,000 Per Day in the Last Year – The Blemish

Text message exchange reveals douchiest club promoter ever! – Magnetic Mag

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