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Guide Dog Jumps In Front Of Oncoming Bus To Save Blind Owner's Life

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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

July 28, 2015 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

Biker lifts car parked on bicycle path – Bro My God

19 Guys Reveal Why They Have An Awesome Girlfriend – Caveman Circus

The Shocking Things We Learned from the McDonalds’ Manager Reddit AMA – Crowd Ignite

The Worst Medical & Health Advice Given by Celebrities – Ranker

14 People Who are Fooling Nobody With Their Photoshop Vacations – Linkiest

Arson Victim Solves Case on Live TV – Leenks

Kaitlynn Carter’s Bikini Photos in Miami – G-Celeb

How To Ruin Your Life (Without Even Noticing That You Are) – Thought Catalog

Perfectly Timed Photos Are Always Fun (34 Photos) – Radass

Muslim Lolita Fashion Is A New Trend Inspired By Japan – Bored Panda

My Brief Encounter with a Dark Web ‘Human Trafficking’ Site – Motherboard

The 35 Greatest Butts on Pinterest – Regretful Morning

21 outrageous ways the super rich spend their money – Business Insider

15 Red Flags That You’re A Douche – Mandatory

Cara Delevingne Grabs a Handful of Karlie Kloss’ Ass – The Blemish

Summer dresses and sexy ladies (35 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

Woman Loses Over 1000 Pounds And Looks Incredible Now – All Day

The 25 Funniest Anti-Protest Signs Ever – World Wide Interweb

Daniela Lanio Smokin Hot on Instagram (35 Pics) – The Rackup

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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

July 27, 2015 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

life is beautiful

A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos – Caveman Circus

The Cutest Chewbacca Puppy You’ll Ever See – Crowd Ignite

14 Stories of Twins Who Were Separated at Birth – Ranker

Anyone else have a thing for cute girls with dimples? – Bro My God

10 Tech Myths You Need To Stop Believing – Linkiest

35 Women Tell Their Stories About Being Assaulted by Bill Cosby – NY Mag

Thug Life News Anchor Shuts Down Feminist (video) – Leenks

21 Epic Photoshop Fails That’ll Make You Laugh – Hexagram

Everything Is Terrifying: What I Learned Driving A Supercar For The First Time –

Britney Spears Wore a Purple Bikini in Hawaii – G-Celeb

Pilots Explain Why We Shouldn’t Worry About Turbulence – VICE

Study: Women Don’t Really Care About Guys’ Penis Size – Newser

I Would Date You But… (25 Photos) – Radass

The 33 Best Burgers In America – Thrillist

30 Sexiest Pictures of Kristen Bell – Regretful Morning

10 Reasons Why The Japanese Live Longer Than Any Other People On Earth – Pulptastic

We Asked Starbucks Employees to Make Their Craziest, Personal Drinks – Food Beast

15 Hilarious pranks that are too effective – Bad Sentinel

George R. R. Martin’s Complaints About Marvel After Seeing ‘Ant Man’ – The Blemish

McLaren Reveals It’s Highly Anticipated Entry Level Super Car – The Gentleman’s Garage

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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

July 24, 2015 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

photos that will put a smile on your face

Take A Break From The Grind To Remember That There Is A Big, Beautiful World Out There Waiting To Be Explored! – Caveman Circus

The Absolute Worst Parents of 2015 – Ranker

The Cutest Chewbacca Puppy You’ll Ever See – Crowd Ignite

New Photos Show Bush Administration Reaction to 9/11 Attacks – PBS

Rebellious Granny: 79-Year-Old Great-Grandmother Escapes From Nursing Home So She Could Get Her First Tattoo – Bro My God

After Jeep Hack, Chrysler Recalls 1.4M Vehicles For Bug Fix –

You will laugh! – Linkiest

Hot Twins Ask Regular Guys To Have A Threesome (video) – Leenks

Amanda Bynes Hitting The Party Scene in L.A. Again – G-Celeb

14 Signs You’re An Emotionally Intelligent Person – Thought Catalog

Animal Selfies Now Taking Over The Internet – Radass

The 50 Funniest Bootleg DVD’s Of All  – World Wide Interweb

Mom Adopts All 4 Of Her Best Friend’s Daughters After She Died Of Brain Cancer – Bored Panda

Toddlers Bonding With Their Dogs (16 Pics) – Regretful Morning

We finally know who to blame for the scary rise in autism rates – Some Life

Hulk Hogan Cut by WWE after Poetically Ranting about ‘Fucking N**gers’ – The Blemish

6 Disturbing Moments You Forgot Were in Final Fantasy VII – Dorkly

2017 Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SuperVeloce Roadster – The Gentleman’s Garage

There is an ‘Amusement Tax’ in Chicago for watching Netflix and Amazon! – ARS Technica

30 Stunning and impressive cosplay styles – Bad Sentinel


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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

July 23, 2015 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

cat thoughts

Cat Thoughts – Bro My God

21 Fascinating Photos Collected From History – Caveman Circus

15 Things That Look Just Like Donald Trump – Worthly

The 20 Funniest Moments In Shark History – Crowd Ignite

The 20 Most Beautiful Actresses Ever – Hexagram

The World’s Craziest Food Vending Machines, From Burgers To Wine – Linkiest

NASA Actually Recorded Sound In Space, And It’s Absolutely Bone Chilling – Damn

Terrible Movies You Have To See Before You Die – Ranker

Meet an 11-Year-Old Genius (IQ = 148) Who Just Wants to Be a Kid – TIME

Teen Has Surgery to Reduce Size of Penis – Newser

From Riches to (Do) Rags: The Biggest Financial Meltdowns in Hip-Hop – High Snobiety

Loading A Truck With A Forklift (video) – Leenks

The 30 Best Underground Hip-Hop Albums – Pigeons And Planes

Underbewbs Are Just Cleavage From a Different Point of View (45 Photos) – Radass

Kate Beckinsale Wore a White Bikini in Cabo – G-Celeb

17 Jobs That Sound Too Good To Be True – Super Compressor

George R.R. Martin Died During Last Night’s ‘Sharknado’ Attack – Uproxx

The Weirdest Festivals In The World – World Wide Interweb

These Superhumans Are Real and Their DNA Could Be Worth Billions – Bloomberg

Some people just like to steal the spotlight (29 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

World’s Largest e-Sports Group To Start Drug Testing In Wake Of Adderall Scandal – 

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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

July 22, 2015 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

Here’s What $1500 a Month Rent Will Get You in Cities All Around the World – Worthly

10 Answers To Questions You Always Wondered About – Caveman Circus

What To Do On a Bad First Date – Crowd Ignite

The Most Worthless 90s Collectibles You Spent Money On – Ranker

Crush Insomnia By Avoiding These 13 Things – Hexagram

Better Name For Everyday Objects – Bro My God

23 Images That Will Have You on the Edge of Your Seat – Linkiest

Bella Thorne rocking some tights – G-Celeb

People Are Tripping On DMT To Lose All Perception Of Time And Reality – Elite Daily

Drunk Russian Catches A Log With His Face (video) – Leenks

10 Bone-Chilling Messages People Sent Just Before Their Deaths – Thought Catalog

Kate Bosworth is a Pretty Lady (38 Photos) – Radass

Why these 7 celebs left Scientology – Death And Taxes

26 Sexy Pictures Of Russian Model Helga Lovekaty – Regretful Morning

10 McDonald’s Hacks to Make Your Meals Even Happier – Food Beast

25 Fake Products That Need To Be Real Immediately – World Wide Interweb

9 Dirty Tricks Bartenders Use To Take More Of Your Money – Thrillist

This Heartbreaking Photo Of Two Shelter Dogs Hugging Saved Them From Being Put Down – Pulptastic

Unnecessary censorship creates a whole new meaning on pictures (21 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

Doutzen Kroes Sports a Six Pack, Probably from Not Eating – The Blemish

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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

July 21, 2015 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

cats like cosplay

Cats Cosplay Too (27 Photos) – Radass

Meanwhile In North Korea – Caveman Circus

’90s Flashback: 16 Emmy Nominees Who Made Their Mark On 90’s TV – Crowd Ignite

Then and Now Pictures of 30 Iconic James Bond Girls – Worthly

15 Normal Celebs Who Became Monsters After Surgery – Hexagram

15 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Level Of Insanity – Bro My God

Terrible Movies You Have To See Before You Die – Ranker

A Heartwarming Look Inside A Volunteer-Run Retirement Home For Dogs And Cats – Laughing Squid

15 Of The Most Bizarre Sex Rituals From Around The World – Linkiest

Idiot Driver Almost Kills Everyone In The Car (video) – Leenks

Baker Turns Loaves of Bread into Adorably Sleepy “Catloaf” – My Modern Met

Nina Dobrev’s Awesome Bikini Photos in St. Tropez – G-Celeb

She’s Asian and She’s Lovely (38 Photos) – Radass

I Play With People’s Minds By Illustrating Optical Illusions – Bored Panda

Cute Girls on Tumblr (21 Pics) – Regretful Morning

Perfect Instant Ramen Recipe With Chef Roy Choi – Tasting Table

The 20 Greatest Moments In Redneck Achievement History – World Wide Interweb

21 People Having a Really Bad Day – Pleated Jeans

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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

July 20, 2015 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

30 People With Absolutely Zero F**ks To Give – Caveman Circus

20 Moments That Really Capture The Essence of Being Forever Alone – Linkiest

20 Women Who Don’t Look Like Your Typical Criminal – Hexagram

10 Diets That Turned Out to be Completely Wrong – Crowd Ignite

A few shower thought that might change the way you see the world – Bro My God

This Is What $1,500 A Month In Rent Would Get You In Cities All Around The World –Buzzfeed

31 Child Actors Who Died Young – Ranker

Scientists Say They’ve Discovered Seaweed That Tastes Like Bacon – Grub Street

5 Luxury Cars that Offer Extreme Interior Comfort – Worthly

Amazing Magic Trick Stuns Penn & Teller (video) – Leenks

Devin Brugman Looking Stacked at the Beach Again – G-Celeb

5 Books That Will Expand Your Consciousness – Truth Theory

Girls of Instagram: Niykee Heaton (35 Photos) – Radass

35 Sexy Examples Of Star Wars Cosplay – Regretful Morning

21 facts about the world’s youngest female billionaire – Buisness Insider

Youtube comments that are probably funnier than the video (23 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

This Is What It Feels Like to Have Cancer at 20 Years Old – VICE

Could Plastic Highways Mean the End of Potholes? – Car And Driver

Breaking Down the Suicide Squad Crew – The Rackup

The waffle iron is the single most versatile (and messy) appliance in your kitchen – The Gentleman’s 

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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

July 17, 2015 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

15 Apps That Will Make Your Life A Whole Lot Easier – Caveman Circus

These 10 Tips Will Destroy Belly Fat – Hexagram

13 Fastest Roller Coasters In The World – Crowd Ignite

5 of the Toughest and Deadliest Car and Motorcycle Races Today – Worthly

The Cheapest Colleges in America – Ranker

6 Male Strippers On What Really Happens At ‘Hen Parties’ – Linkiest

The 50 Greatest Movie Characters of All Time – Flavorwire

Sexy Redheads, The World’s Most Precious Resource – Bro My God

5 Drugs That Turn Your World Into A Real-Life Horror Movie – Cracked

Miss Rhode Island Completely Bombs Miss USA Question – Leenks

Christina Hendricks Is Gigantic in Her Upper Torso Region – G-Celeb

Get Ready for Epicness Overload (37 Photos) – Radass

Cops are not always rude (37 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

17 Sexy Models from Iran – Regretful Morning

Apple employees reveal 15 awful things about working at Apple – Business Insider

Celebrities and their stunt doubles (gallery) – World Wide Interweb

‘The X-Files’ Trailer Releases and Trailer Is Putting It Lightly – The Blemish

Tesla Offers New ‘Ludicrous Mode’ 0-60 In 2.8 Seconds! – 

Get Your Mind Out of the Unlawful Humor Gutter (20 Pics) – The Rackup

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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

July 16, 2015 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

ford pinto

7 Star Wars Locations You Can Visit In Rea Life – Bro My God

This Is What It Would Look Like If Dogs Could Text – Caveman Circus

15 Most Dangerous Cars Of All Time – Ranker

10 Unsolved Mysteries of the Human Brain – Crowd Ignite

15 Signs That She’s Into You – Hexagram

14 Photos That Tell You Everything You Need To Know – Linkiest

Seattle Kids Have Lower Polio Vaccination Rate Than Rwanda – KUOW

Fireman Delivers Instant Justice To Armed Robber (video) – Leenks

Dallas Cowboys Top Forbes List of NFL’s Most Valuable Team – Worthly

Another F**KING mass shooting wtf?!?! – Newser

TBT: Katy Perry Had a Raging Bikini Malfuction in San Dimas – G-Celeb

Gal Gadot is the Perfect Wonder Woman (35 Photos) – Radass

The 50 Coolest Celebrity Photos Of All Time – World Wide Interweb

Jewish man rescued from Nazis is rescuing Christians fleeing Isis to repay ‘debt’ – Independent

30 Cute Girls Wearing Pigtails – Regretful Morning

You Just Got Out of Prison. Now What? – NY Times

Top 10 Movies with the Worst Villains – The Rackup

Can you believe these pictures are not photoshopped? (40 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

Nathalie Emmanuel Shows ‘Game of Thrones’ Needs More People in Bikinis – The Blemish

Honda 650 Muxima by Ton-Up Garage is badass! – The Gentleman’s Garage

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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

July 15, 2015 | No Comments » | Topics: Linkage |

This Guy Took Engagement Photos With A Burrito – Bored Panda

Cats With Donald Trump Hair Is The Best Thing Ever! – Caveman Circus

The Best Reasons Not to Have Kids – Ranker

Our 37 Favorite TV Dads of All Time – Crowd Ignite

The World’s Most Beautiful Children of Billionaires – Worthly

The Top 10 Heroines Of The Silver Screen – Hexagram

This Is What The Top Athletes Look Like Without Their Clothes – Linkiest

Well That’s Just Impressive (Photos) – Bro My God

Elisabetta Gregoraci Bikini Photos in Italy – G-Celeb

Naked Lunatic Steals A Cop Car (video) – Leenks

Life Happens (38 Photos) – Radass

What Michael Jackson Would Have Looked Like Without Plastic Surgery – Mental Floss

Sexy And Sporty Girls Showing Off Their Fit Figures (40 Pics) – Regretful Morning

What 10 Hours Of Walking At Comic-Con As A Female Cosplayer Looks Like – Pixable

15 lies teachers tell their students – Bad Sentinel

The Nerdy and Cosplay Girls Forces Combine! (30 Pics) – The Rackup

Britney Spears Grocery Shops Like a Teen Whose Parents Are Out of Town – Jezebel

The 100 Greatest Photos In the History Of The Internet – World Wide Interweb

Salma Hayek — Good Genes or the Blood of Unborn Babies? – The Blemish

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