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What Happens After You Die, An Illustrated Guide By Ramin Nazer

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Awkward Moments Not Found In Your Average Children’s Bible

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awkward bible moments

awkward bible moments


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How All Religions Should Be…

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dalai lama on religion

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Powerful Video You Need To Watch Of The Day

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Very general run down. Basically for those of you not familiar with the situation. The catholic church had a mad amount of power in irish society, ran hospitals, schools, orphanages, basically everything bar the local pub. If your son became a priest it was a massive credit to your family and possibly even better than them becoming a doctor. The local priest(s) were royalty and treated as such.

A lot of abuse both physical and sexual happened at the hand of priests who held important roles in the society. It was basically hushed up, the child who was abused was ostracised because how could a priest do such a thing? Then the priest in question was transferred to a different diocese. The police were told to ‘lose’ the reports and nothing much was ever really done and people’s lives were ruined as a result.

Fast forward a few decades, more and more people start reporting sexual abuse as adults and are taken more seriously. In the mean time the catholic church and priests have lost a lot of credit. People call for an enquiry. It’s eventually done but not without serious pressure and objection (as seen in the video) from lawyers/barristers and the church itself. Most victims are trying to be made look like they’re after money and not justice for the atrocities.

Victims were eventually compensated to a degree, but the church had done irreparable damage to those poor people and to itself, in Ireland. The government in power at the time has also been thrown out.


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A Flowchart For Choosing Your Religion

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choose your religion


This Guy’s Dad Is Awesome

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my dad is awesome

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A Proud Father Moment

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proud father


I am retelling this based on what she told me the other night.

My daughter (who is 10 years old) was having a conversation with a couple of girls from class, and they started talking about how one was Catholic and the other Christian.

Both turned to her and asked which one she was, to which she replied ‘neither’.

Kids being kids both started ridiculing her about this.

She responded with ‘I’m not old enough to choose, and neither are you! Just because your parents are doesn’t mean they can tell YOU what to be!’

Just made me warm and fuzzy inside 🙂

EDIT: To quell some nay sayers: No, I did not ‘teach’ my daughter to say this. I have told her that it is her choice and she will know when to choose it. I mentioned that it took me many years to figure things out, she may be using that as a baseline.

I have taught her to answer her questions with follow up questions and having her reach the answer herself. I do not indoctrinate my daughter. I TEACH her how to think, not what to think.

I also have never told her that religion was ‘make believe’ and that is makes some people happy.

I never told her I am an atheist in the hopes of avoiding imparting a bias.



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How to stop your kids from becoming Atheists

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Stephen Colbert On American Christianity

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stephen colbert on american christianity

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