The Story Of Fido, The Dog That Waited 14 Years For His Owner to Come Back

fido the dog that waited 14 years for owner to return

Carlo Soriani was a laborer. He lived in Borgo San Lorenzo, a small city near Florence. During the winter of 1941, Carlo was coming home from work when he heard something. It was a little street dog lying hurt by the road. Carlo took the tiny puppy back home with him and took care of it. The street puppy, with the help of Carlo fully recovered.

The puppy was a mixed breed and Carlo named the dog Fido. They became best friends and the little dog followed Carlo everywhere. It even followed Carlo to the bus stop where he took the early morning bus to work. Fido would wait all day by the stop until Carlo returned back on the evening bus. When he would return, Fido greeted him with a joy that only real dog lovers can imagine. Every day was the same for the next two years, and everybody in the town knew about their friendship.

On December 30th, 1943, Carlo’s factory was bombed by the Allies and unfortunately Carlo was killed. Fido was on the bus stop that day, waiting for his best friend to come back home but he never did.

Fido waited at the bus stop for a while and decided to go back at Carlo’s home, but he didn’t find him there. The next afternoon, Fido went again at the bus stop to wait for his friend to come back from work as usual, but again he was disappointed. Mr. Soriani never came, but Fido didn’t give up. He went there the next day, and the day after, and the month after, and the year after, and the decade after, hoping that his best friend would eventually show up and greet him. Fido spent 14 years waiting for Carlo’s arrival on the evening bus.

fido the dog that waited 14 years for owner to return

Everybody knew Fido and his story. His story became a source of media attention, and even appeared in Time magazine. In 1957, the mayor of Borgo San Lorenzo awarded Fido a gold medal and presented a statue of Fido with the words A FIDO, ESEMPIO DI FEDELTA (TO FIDO, EXAMPLE OF LOYALTY) in front of a large crowd including Soriani’s widow. A ceramic statute of Fido was erected in his honor, but it was destroyed by vandals. Later, the town commissioned the bronze statue by Salvatore Cipolla that we can see today.

Actual footage of Fido waiting for his deceased master to return home:


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