After This Teen Was Rejected And Humiliated Before Homecoming, 13 Girls Asked To Be His Date

dakota nelson homecoming

Dakota Nelson, a sophomore from Gray, Louisiana had never asked a girl out before, so he wanted to make sure his big moment was done correctly. He made a big poster asking a girl to homecoming in the school hallway in front of their classmates.

It wasn’t easy for him to get up the courage to ask a close friend to the homecoming dance, but when she said no and a crowd of teens standing nearby laughed at him, it was devastating. And to make it worse, the whole thing was captured on video and shared on Facebook, so thousands could watch his humiliation.

Dakota walked away from the laughing students feeling utterly devastated. He didn’t want to face any of his fellow students.

However a few days later, unbeknowst to Dakota a few kindhearted students had been planning a surprise for him.

While walking through the hallway and on his way to class, Dakota was stopped by 13 girls. Each of them was holding signs and flowers of their own.

The 13 girls, including some that were cheerleaders, all asked to attend the homecoming dance with Dakota

dakota nelson homecoming

Alyssa Buckley, one of the 13, says they wanted to show him that “he’s loved and worthy and deserves to be going to homecoming with somebody.”

Now, instead of having his first date with one girl, he’ll be having his first date with 13 girls!

Their special homecoming proposal cheered him up and he says, “I felt like one of the popular kids in school, which I’m really not.”


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  1. You could also have found her best friend and asked her as well. Then make it the best Homecoming date ever! Man, the first girl would be so jealous…

    1. Yes. Some humans are terrible and some aren’t. And then some humans, like you, doubt the sincerity of everyone, terrible and not terrible.

      And whatever their motivation, the end result was far less devastation for this young man, so who really cares why they did it?

    1. its people llike you who judge, demoralize and emotionally injure otherts just for your own perverse self righteous egocentric ignorance,

  2. i think the guy had balls, and the gals who asked him out, regardless of motivation, (i think it WAS altruistic) set things right……

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