Man Discovers Starving Dog On Remote Island And Saves His Life

winston the island dog

In December of 2018, photographer Wesley White went to Thatch Caye in Belize for a work trip. With very little free time on his hands, Wesley was looking forward to kayaking to a tiny island in Thatch Caye. When he arrived at the island, he noticed that there was a puppy walking into a deserted fishing shack. “Out of the corner of my eye, I saw his tail wagging,” Wesley said during an interview with The Dodo. Sadly, the dog was starving to death, and would soon perish if Wesley didn’t do something to help.

“My heart exploded out of my chest. He was just waiting for a human to show up.” Wrapping the little dog in a pair of swim shorts, Wesley put the emaciated dog into the kayak. While on their way back to Thatch Caye, Wesley realized he had less than two days left in Belize, which meant he had almost no time at all to find a home for the puppy.

winston the island dog


Wesley tried his absolute best to locate any people on the island. He wanted to see if the dog belonged to someone nearby. It was hard to tell how the dog had managed to end up in this location. All Wesley knew was that he could not leave the animal behind.

Wesley figured if worse came to worse, he could bring the dog home with him.

“Bringing this dog back, I really had no idea if this was going to work out like my heart wanted it to. At the best, I was like, ‘we’ll get him home.’ He’ll end up back in Montana with us.” Fortunately, the employees at the hotel were more than willing to help. Not only did they give the dog a nice meal, but the bartender also located a vet’s office on the mainland.

winston the island dog


Before long, Winston was introduced to Dr. Mia. Wesley was told that the dog would need to stay behind. He would be able to recover from his emaciation just fine but he would need some time to find a foster home. The Humane Society of Belize stepped up to the plate and assisted him. Wesley received regular updates about the dog’s health over the course of the following months.

Once the recovery period was complete, the dog was placed on a flight to the United States. He was heading to Dallas to be with his new father. He wondered if his old friend Winston would even be able to remember the man who rescued him.

winston the island dog


As soon as Winston laid eyes on his new dad, he went absolutely mad. He covered Wesley in kisses, snuggles, and he was completely beside himself with happiness. It seems that Wesley had been on Winston’s mind, too.

Winston successfully made the trip up to Montana and quickly became part of everyday life in the White household. The other dogs in the home welcomed their new furry brother with excitement — it looked like Winston had a new forever home he’d love!

winston the island dog



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