This Woman Reads Books To Dogs At The Local Shelter To Help Ease Their Loneliness

Redditor puglife123 volunteers at the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society and lately the shelter has been getting a visitor. A woman has been coming into the shelter and reading books to lonely dogs to let them know that they’re still loved. The dogs can’t understand what she’s saying but volunteers at the shelter say that the woman keeping them company has definitely helped their mood improve.

“This woman comes to my local humane society and sits in front of the dogs cage and reads books to the dogs”

Sandy Barbabella visits the shelter once a week, often for the entire day. She teaches the dogs basic commands like “sit” and “give paw,” though her favorite activity is reading to them.

It may sound strange, but volunteers read to dogs for many reasons: as a form of therapy, to improve literacy (in front of a nonjudgmental audience), and to help dogs become accustomed to human contact. Barbabella is used to the skeptics.

“I just explain that the voice soothes them,” she shares. “When they are so upset… the noise makes them quiver. It relaxes them. They might even fall asleep.”


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