Man Reunites With Dog Three Years After It Went Missing

man reunites with lost dog 3 years later

Giorgi Bereziani/Facebook

Mr Giorgi Bereziani, 62, was devastated when his dog Jorge went missing three years ago.

Yet Bereziani never gave up hope all this time, and continued to put up notices and comb the streets in a bid to find his beloved companion.

Three years later, the workers of an opera house called the

desperate man and said that a dog, looking like his dog, was walking near their building

Giorgi immediately went to the scene. He saw a black and white dog near a tree and called its name. The dog rose to its feet and wagged its tail. Sniffing at the owner, George’s dog threw his front paws at him and began to whimper, as if in disbelief. ‘Jorge, is that you? George Jorge, it’s you! Oh, dear boy, how are you, boy?’ Giorgi says, beside himself with excitement.

Watch their heartwarming reunion below:


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