Owner Cries Tears Of Joy As She Is Reunited With Her Stolen Dog

woman reunited with stolen dog

When the animal rescuers first laid eyes on a big, stray dog wandering the streets of Ukraine, they could tell he had endured a lot. His years on the street had not been kind. He was emaciated and was riddled with mange.

After bringing him to the shelter, rescuers were determined to find the dog the home he deserved. Of course, at this point they had no idea he already had a loving owner.

woman reunited with stolen dog

The shelter staff shared a picture on social media in an attempt to seek out some potential new parents and the post spread online. Someone sent the photo to the woman whose dog had been stolen and after recognizing the resemblance to her missing pup she got in touch with the animal shelter. The woman explained that her dog had been stolen from her yard back in 2017 and that she had been looking for him for the past two years.

woman reunited with stolen dog

She arranged to go and see the dog in an attempt to confirm her suspicions but it didn’t take long for her to know the lovely big dog was Lord, the very same pup who had been cruelly taken from her two years earlier.

The animal’s excitement was evident in his happy tail-wagging and it was clear he couldn’t get close enough to his human as he jumped up to be face-to-face with her.


The shelter shared the video to Facebook, where they thanked everyone who had helped Lord’s reunion with his owner.

They wrote (translated):

We thank everyone who shared our post. Thanks to you the dog’s life was saved, and peace returned to the his owner’s soul!


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