Anguished Mama Dog Cries Out For Help For Her Injured Puppy

mama dog cries out for help for injured puppy

A mother dog was crying out for help after her puppy was badly wounded and lying in the street. Fortunately, Animal Aid Unlimited, an animal rescue group working out of Udaipur, India was contacted and came to help the distressed family.

When they arrived, they observed that when her baby cried, she cried too. Her pup appeared to have been mauled and was wailing in agony.

Animal Aid Unlimited shared: “She didn’t stop trying desperately to communicate as we gently lifted her puppy who had two deep wounds and placed him in the ambulance. We couldn’t bring her along because she had 4 other babies to watch over.”

They tried to communicate back to the mother dog, and she seemed to trust that the rescuers would take care of her baby.

mama dog cries out for help for injured puppy

“We would try our best to save her sweetheart and bring him home, and how we wished and hoped she would somehow understand.”

They took the pup back to their shelter and treated his puncture wounds. The pain from his wounds left him unable to walk.

“Her little one was so brave, and never struggled throughout his wound dressings. But he had a lingering problem: the wounds hurt him so badly he couldn’t walk for several days. We weren’t sure if the nerve damage was permanent.”

mama dog cries out for help for injured puppy

When the rescuers got to their shelter, they immediately took the puppy to see their vet. The vet stitched up the puppy’s wounds and cleaned him off. The puppy was quiet and calm during the procedure. The rescuers decided to name the puppy Toggle.

In the days after the surgery, the puppy struggled to walk, and the rescuers worried that his nerve damage was permanent. But Toggle was a determined little puppy, and slowly but surely, he learned how to walk again!

mama dog cries out for help for injured puppy

Once Toggle was fully healed, the rescuers took him back to his family. They were sad to see the sweet puppy go, but they knew he belonged with his parents and siblings.

Animal Aid Unlimited filmed the heartwarming reunion between Toggle and his mother. Both of the dogs were so excited to see each other!

mama dog cries out for help for injured puppy

Check out the video below:


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