A Dog Rescued From A Shelter Was Chosen To Play The Starring Role In The New “Lady And The Tramp” Movie

monte lady and the tramp rescue dog

Every dog has his day. For a shelter dog in Arizona, that day has come, as he lands a starring role in the upcoming Disney live-action remake of “Lady and the Tramp.”

Monte, a 2-year-old terrier mix, was at HALO Animal Rescue in Phoenix with hundreds of other dogs.

Shelter workers noted that Monte was super friendly, loved to greet people and give kisses, and loved attention.

So, when animal trainers came scouting from Hollywood, Monte was a perfect fit to play the “Tramp”.

The canine cast of the live-action remake of “Lady and the Tramp” features real-life rescue dogs.

Monte’s adopters say he has been a very good boy and loving his life in California.

According to Disney, all the rescue dogs featured in the film found forever homes when production ended.

“Lady and The Tramp” will premiere on November 12 on Disney’s new streaming service.


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