Bikers Stop At The Lemonade Stand Of Little Girl Whose Mother Helped Save Them During Crash

bikers line up for lemonade stand

One year ago, Daryn Sturch, a nurse, and her daughter came upon an accident involving several motorcyclists of the Milwaukee Iron.

“I stayed with them and did the best I could to triage them and keep them awake and calm,” Sturch said, adding that all five bikers involved in the crash had sustained “severe” injuries.

After the accident, Sturch began receiving an outpouring of thank you messages from the bikers associated with Milwaukee Iron.

Fast forward to September 2019. Sturch’s little girl was having a lemonade stand and when Sturch announced on Facebook that her daughter was setting up a lemonade stand, one of the bikers saw the post.

Nearly 30 bikers pulled up to buy lemonade.

“They came through and made her day,” she said. “She was so happy.”

Not only did they make the little girl’s day, but Sturch says some of the bikers who showed up to her home were the same ones she stopped to assist last September.

“Not only did they make my daughter’s lemonade stand unforgettable, but reuniting with these people and seeing how well they are doing was such a fantastic surprise!”


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