Shelter Dog Can’t Hold Back His Excitement When He Realizes He’s Being Adopted

Sometimes, Christmas comes early. At a California animal shelter , one pit bull puppy got the second chance at life he so desperately needed.

Carson Animal Care Center is an animal shelter that serves Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding areas. It’s also the home to many abandoned dogs and cats. Carson’s pit bull population is often passed over for other adoptable animals, thanks to rampant pervasive pit bull discrimination.

Pit bulls are mistaken for an aggressive breed, but young Benny is quite obviously just the opposite. Shelter workers described him as timid and even shy – and for weeks, no one gave him a second glance. The sweet boy was essentially sitting on death row.

That is, until a rescuer spotted the gorgeous dog and decided to give him the home he deserved. If there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that Benny won’t stay shy for long – we’ve seen rescue dogs transform right before our eyes in the past!

You can find out more about the animals still waiting for their forever home at the Carson Shelter Facebook page.


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