Lost Dog Returns Home with New Dog And Goat Friend

lost dog returns home with dog and goat friend

When a beloved pet goes missing, it’s always a sad and frightening experience for the owners. However, in the case of the Krier family, it turned out to be a hilarious and extraordinary experience.

Kyle Krier said he let the family dog, Bo, out of the home to go to the bathroom but the dog never came back home. Their family’s property in Kansas is surrounded by open fields, so they assumed that Bo went out just to explore around. He didn’t come home that night, and that made them worried.

The next day they got a call, telling them that a dog corresponding to Bo’s description was spotted running around a field about 6 miles away.

Kyle went to the said location to pick up Bo. Much to his surprise, Bo was not alone. Apparently, he went on an adventure with his two friends, Libby, another dog, and Ozzy, a goat. The two animals belong to the Krier family’s neighbors, Chris and Shawna Huggans. Everyone now believes that the three animals planned their escapade and left their homes to explore the nearby fields together.

A video captures the moment Bo arrived with another dog and goat. The footage shows the three animals climbing on Krier’s truck.


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