Kid Writes Letters To His Dog In Heaven, Mailman Writes Him Back (As Luke the Dog)

kid writes to dog in heaven gets beautiful response

It’s been hard for Mary and Roberto Westbrook’s three year-old son Luke to understand that the family dog will not be coming home.

At the age of 13, Moe the beagle passed away. One day, Luke asked his mom if he could write a letter to Moe. Doing so became a bit of a mother-and-son ritual. The usual message: “I miss you. Hope you’re having fun in doggie heaven.”

Mary carries the letters addressed to Moe to the mailbox with Luke and retrieves them after he falls asleep.

A few weeks ago, she forgot to fish one out. The next morning, it disappeared with her mailman.

“I figured someone would just throw it away once it got to the post office,” Mary said. “It didn’t even have a stamp.”

So when Mary found this letter in the mail one day, she was shocked. The return address plainly read, “From Moe,” and its contents brought this young mom to tears. 

kid writes to dog in heaven gets beautiful response

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