Dying Veterans Last Wish To Be Reunited With His Dog Granted In Emotional Reunion

Albuquerque Animal Welfare

The dying wish of a veteran to see his beloved dog for one final time has been granted.

69-year-old John Vincent asked a social worker if he could say one last goodbye to his five-year-old Yorkie, Patch.

Without a second thought, employees at both the hospice care and Albuquerque Animal Welfare, where Patch was up for adoption, arranged to have Mr Vincent’s wish met.

A post to Facebook from the welfare centre explained that due to the elderly man, who served with the Marines for three years, not having family living close to him, he had no option but to put Patch up for adoption when he was admitted into hospice.

“He has no family in New Mexico so had to surrender his beloved dog, Patch to us. John Vincent may not have much time…and he had only one request. Vincent wanted to see his dog one last time,” the post read.

Workers were able to make the reunion happen last Friday.

Albuquerque Animal Welfare

“It was such a heart warming moment! They were so happy to see each other and to say their goodbyes. It was an honour to make this veteran’s final wish come true,” the post read.

The shelter initially stated there had already been a potential new owner register their interest in Patch, with an update later confirming the pooch had been adopted.

According to the Albuquerque Journal, Mr Vincent and Patch were equally as excited to see each other.

“Yeah, that’s me, that’s daddy. Are you so happy to see me? I’m so happy to see you,” Mr Vincent said to Patch when they met.

Albuquerque Animal Welfare

Albuquerque Animal Welfare
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