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People Who Used To Be “Ugly Ducklings” Share Their Incredible Transformations – Caveman Circus

People Are Sharing All The Things Movies And TV Shows Get Wrong About Their Jobs – Ruin My Week

10 Worst Things About The Van Life That No One Tells You About – Van Life Wanderer

A Man Tweeted About A Woman He Met A Decade Ago, Left Twitter, And Then Returned To Say He Married Her – Newser

Fishermen Save Bald Eagle Caught in the Grip of a Giant Octopus: WATCH – Towleroad

Signs That Humanity Is Getting Dumber – Sad And Useless

‘Sober Bars’ Are Giving More and More Recovering Alcoholics a Social Place for Fun Without Booze – Good News Network

10 Wise Rules That Our Parents Followed, but That We’ve Forgotten – Bright Side

6 Things to Remember When You Think You Don’t Matter – Tiny Buddha

Toys kept disappearing from a police department’s holiday donation drive. Their therapy dog was the thief – Insider

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