operation rock wallaby

Australia Is Airdropping Thousands Of Pounds Of Vegetables To Help Starving Animals

operation rock wallaby

Australia is using airplanes and helicopters to feed hungry, vulnerable wildlife as bushfires rage across the country. The government dropped thousands of pounds of sweet potatoes and carrots to feed wildlife that have been stranded by the fires.

The New South Wales government commissioned “Operation Rock Wallaby” which aims to feed colonies of brush-tailed rock wallabies and help the population of marsupials survive.

So far, they have dropped nearly 5,000 pounds of fresh vegetables.

operation rock wallaby

“The wallabies typically survive the fire itself, but are then left stranded with limited natural food as the fire takes out the vegetation around their rocky habitat,” NSW Environment Minister Matt Kean said. “The wallabies were already under stress from the ongoing drought, making survival challenging for the wallabies without assistance.”

Kean said they’ll be keeping an eye on the native species to check on their progress as part of the post-bushfire recovery process.


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